Bluetooth HID Gamepad And HC-05 Serial Hack

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Don’t bother us with stupid questions, they both co-evolved into the forms that we now serve up in tasty sandwiches or omelets, respectively. “Which came first, the HC-05 serial-flash-hack, or the wireless Bluetooth Gamepad?” Our guess is that [mitxela] wanted to play around with the dirt-cheap Bluetooth modules, and that building the wireless controller was an afterthought. But for that, it’s a well-done afterthought! (Video below the break.)

It all starts with the HC-05 Bluetooth module, which is meant to transfer serial data, but which can be converted into a general-purpose device costing ten times as much with a simple Flash ROM replacement. The usual way around this requires bit-banging over a parallel port, but hackers have worked out a way to do the same thing in bit-bang mode using a normal USB/Serial adapter. The first part of [mitxela]’s post describes this odyssey.

With his Bluetooth module now functioning as a gamepad, [mitxela] just needs a gamepad to play around with. After finding an exotic vintage SNES controller on eBay, he hot-airs the old logic off, adds magnet wires to the leads, tosses in an ATtiny2313 for good measure, and he’s done! It’s a beautiful controller, with custom firmware and a custom ROM in the Bluetooth. Beauty!

[mitxela] is no stranger to Hackaday: we’ve covered his tiny MIDI squarewave synths before. You should really go check out all the projects on his blog.

20 thoughts on “Bluetooth HID Gamepad And HC-05 Serial Hack

    1. Part number is DK-USB-SPI-10225-1A for anybody wondering. The difference is that the cheap interface only works at 3V and is only SPI. It doesn’t have a UART also unlike the expensive interface.

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  2. This is all well and good, I’m actually really impressed by the final product, but I want the other side of this setup: I want a simple Bluetooth receiver that can connect to a gamepad or two and be used as input to the hardware I’m making.

    I’ve still not found a good solution for this, and the options I have found are really hacky. Unfortunately I don’t yet have the skills to make this happen myself(though I am working on a design or two).

    Think of the possibilities: custom game systems, control your robot arm, control a ROV or RC car, etc… All from any Bluetooth game pad.

      1. Yeah, but that’s using the stock HC-05 firmware. It can run as master, but only supports the serial profile, not HID. If I was building my own controller, this would be no problem as I could just use serial communications from the controller as well. But, the goal I have is to use a generic Bluetooth controller and HID to control my project.

          1. Nope, but if you do, let me know. Best I found was to connect a bluetooth dongle to a USB master shield on a arduino. The code supports HID devices on the USB side and the translation from bluetooth to USB is basically direct for HID. I never tried this, as it was more hardware then I wanted for my experiments.

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