Anger Release Machine Is Built To Break

Is your temper hard but brittle? Meet the Anger Release Machine: a ware-dropping spiral vending machine stocked with precious porcelain.

There’s a bit more engineering and user experience design behind [Yarisal & Kublitz’s] art installation than meets the eye. The Anger Release Machine drops your purchase from dangerous heights, but like every passive aggressive vending machine, it also does its best to infuriate you using controlled disappointment. Insert a coin, see the steel spirals turn, and just when you’re already dying of the suspense…

Release your anger right below in the comments! We feel with the person in the video.

via [boingboing]

33 thoughts on “Anger Release Machine Is Built To Break

    1. It’s all about how the man tries to control your anger by keeping it behind glass bottled up, denies you the freedom of expression like throwing plates at a greek weeding, but sanitises it and makes it a product and shit.

  1. The wonders of modern tech, when I was a kid we used to have to wait all year until the School’s summer fair until we could pay to break plates. Basically parents donated all their chipped and old ones, and money was raised selling 3 balls for a buck or something to throw at them propped up on shelves.

  2. I was expecting anger release through physical violence directed at the machine. This machine would just piss me off further. The machine then would then end up turned on its head where all objects within would be released and broken. Anger problem would then be solved. I am just a bit disappointed.

  3. Idea is nice, but vid sadly shows how it doesnt work at all, would be good to spend a little more time on it, to make it more reliable. Also personally i would want the porcelain to come out so i get to chuck it at a wall above a bin or something

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