How to Make a Human Crossbow

Say you have a team of French engineers, a lake in the summer, a wizened old machinist, and some gigantic bungee cords. What would you build? The answer is clear, a human-launching crossbow. (Video, and making-of embedded below.)

the-human-crossbow-how-we-made-it-kim41mdcizymp4-shot0001You can start out watching the promo video because it looks like a lot of fun, but don’t leave without watching the engineering video. What looks like a redneck contraption turns out to be painstakingly built, and probably not entirely a death trap. The [Rad Cow] team even went so far as to purchase metal cart wheels.

Everyone else on the Intertubes would tell you not to do this at home. We say go for it. That is, draw up reasonable plans, work with an obviously competent machinist, and make something silly. It’s not going to be more dangerous than the stuff that [Furze] pulls off.

10 thoughts on “How to Make a Human Crossbow

  1. Tankrede and his band already did that, but better:

    They made a movie, le petit bus rouge, which has the full “making the catapult” bit. They also jumped from the highest french viaduct from their (moving) bus, landed (or tried to land) on a dinghy from a shore base jump, …
    The guy died last year preparing a stunt, thou.

  2. French have been doing this for a while:
    2004: Jean Marc Moulignié: L’homme Catapulte:
    2014: The flying Frenchies:

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