Wifi-Controlled Christmas Ornaments!

Trimming one’s Christmas tree can be an enjoyable tradition year after year, but every once in a while some variation on  the established order can be just as fun. Seeking some new ornaments to and desiring to flex his skills, Instrucables user [Gosse Adema] created a LED-illuminated, phone-controlled, deltrahedron Christmas tree ornaments.

Wemos DI Mini Pros are the brains of these little guys, WS2182b RGB LED strips — being the superb go-to’s that they are — light the ornament, and a 5 V power supply keep them lit. [Adema] used the Wemos specifically to create a web server unique to each ornament, and goes into incredible detail on how to program each one — now there’s an arrangement of words you wouldn’t expect to see — providing all the code he used, as well as the models to 3D print the deltahedron.

Wireless Christmas Ornaments

[Adema] also provides steps for a non-wireless version in case pulling out all the stops isn’t practical. Don’t forget to decorate the final product!

While this is indeed a merry hedron, one could go the route of a foul-mouthed decoration instead for your custom ornaments.


3 thoughts on “Wifi-Controlled Christmas Ornaments!

  1. Did a party light with 7 bottles, 3 ws2812b per bottle, esp8266 (sonoff sv), a dc/dc converter and 6 lipo packs 7.4V.
    Funniest thing: When the voltage dropped to low, all my lamps begin to turn red. I DID NOT PROGRAM THIS FEATURE!

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