Anyone Need A Little Fuming Nitric Acid?

If there’s a chemical with a cooler name than “fuming nitric acid,” we can’t think of it. Nearly pure nitric acid is useful stuff, especially if you’re in the business of making rocket fuels and explosives. But the low-end nitric acid commonly available tops out at about 68% pure, so if you want the good stuff, you’ll have to synthesize fuming nitric acid yourself. (And by “good stuff”, we mean be very careful with the resulting product.)

Fuming nitric acid comes in two colors – red fuming nitric acid (RFNA), which is about 90% pure and has some dissolved nitrogen oxides, giving it its reddish-brown color. White fuming nitric acid (WFNA) is the good stuff — more than 99% pure. Either one is rough stuff to work with — you don’t want to wear latex or nitrile gloves while using it. It’s not clear what [BarsMonster] needs the WFNA for, although he does mention etching some ICs. The synthesis is pretty straightforward, if a bit dangerous. An excess of sulfuric acid is added to potassium nitrate, and more or less pure nitric acid is distilled away from the resulting potassium sulfate. Careful temperature control is important, and [BarsMonster] seems to have gotten a good yield despite running out of ice.

We don’t feature too many straight chemistry hacks around here, but this one seemed gnarly enough to be interesting. We did have a Hackaday Prize entry a while back on improvements to the Haber process for producing ammonia, which curiously is the feedstock for commercial nitric acid production processes.

66 thoughts on “Anyone Need A Little Fuming Nitric Acid?

  1. Gotta run that Graham condenser vertically so the condensate doesn’t pool up in the spiral and cause backpressure, and so that the nitric acid all just runs straight out instead of requiring someone to fiddle with a fragile glass tube full of dangerous acid to shake out whatever is trapped in the coils.

  2. While that is unfortunate to hear, like electronics, chemistry is knowledge with both helpful and harmful applications. We should not close ourselves off to knowledge just because it may be misused.

    1. There comes a time when lifeboat ethics are the best choice. Taking the Wilson/Chamberlain “high” road gets you a bad case of death. How can you dehumanize the inhumane?

  3. Hammer attacks and van attacks are on the rise too, but we still post about those devices. I would agree with you if this acid were primarily intended as a weapon, but it’s useful for etching and such.

    1. fuming nitric acid is a very strong acid able to create powerful explosives. making explosives is not that difficult and with very basic products found in some stores, you can build very strong ones. Fertilizers and herbicides are powerful oxydants. Nitric acid is mainly used for creating fertilizers. A lot of chemical products can be used in 2 purposes; good or bad ones. It’s just a matter of knowledge and ability to obtain them.

  4. I’m doing the Haber process project on Hackaday.IO.

    I’m exploring a new attempt based on an obscure electrochemical reaction, which is proving difficult to reproduce. No results yet, I’ll write up the experiments after I either have results or become convinced that it won’t work.

    Been actively working on the new method with a group of people since about the first of the year, we’ve purchased a bunch of equipment, and have weekly meetings.

  5. I don’t believe for a second he needs this for PCB etching.
    68% is more than enough to dissolve copper. You could probably get by with half that or less if you mix sulfuric in with it.

    If he wants to do it because he can, sure, but PCB etching? There are dozens of ways to do it with less risk.

    1. White fuming Nitric is commonly used to eat mold compound that IC packages are made of. You heat the chip and apply it a drop at a time rinsing with DI water after each one. If there is copper present on the die, some high power analog have copper traces above the final passivization, you buffer your nitric acid with a 30-50% mixture of fuming sulfuric to slow the copper etch rate. This is annoying because you can’t use a plastic pipette once you add sulfuric acid and the glass ones always seem to give too big of drops >:(

      The point of this process is to etch away a divit exposing the die but leaving the rest of the chip intact including the leads and bond wires which is pretty easy to do for most packages after a little practice. This way you can power the die up and test it during operation. Of course then you get all the fun of light sensitivity of semi-conductor junctions and micro-scale capacitor plates.

      But yeah, Sulfuric is used to make Nitric acid LESS aggressive against copper.

      1. Odd since a number of patents cite the use of sulfuric with nitric acid in order to increase etch performance and minimize damage to the substrate. It has the benefit of absorbing any water in low % nitric acid and discouraging nitrous acid formation.
        As for plastic pipettes being incompatible with mixed acids, what? PP and or HDPE resist it just fine.

  6. Piranha solution is right up there in the cool chemical name shortlist. A mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Aggressively eats anything organic, hence the name.

  7. I’ve see this done better, and I finally found the video where Darian Berg avoids contamination from nitric acid breakdown products of the product by using cooling and vacuum distillation.

    As a general rule four of the best channels for learning chemistry are NurdRage NileRed DougsLab and Chem Player, there are others but they are either not very active these days or are messy in their work or unclear with their explanations even if they are successful in their reactions. The channels I have listed seem to be more “responsible” with safety and the choice of reactions that they explore, however most of what all of them do is very dangerous and should not be copied without a very good reason and due consideration of the potential consequences.

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  9. I made WFNA the same way ~15 ago. I was going to use it as an oxidizer in a liquid rocket engine. The fuel was terpentine which is hypergolic with WFNA. This stuff was so scary I never tested the engine, but switched to nitrous oxide instead.

  10. In the UK the majority of these acid attacks use a specific product which is readily available over the counter with no need to explain what you want to use it for, ID , or specialist licence. I just got asked how I was carrying it as I was on my motorcycle when I bought some for its intended purpose.

    So, no, this article isn’t dangerous to publish as is far easier to just buy an acid locally.

        1. Easy to make nitro usable as in Dynamite. And the nitrocellulose in smokeless powder is also soaked with nitroglycerine. It is very tough to set off by accident and it burns pretty slowly at 1 atm compared to the much less potent black powder.

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  15. I don’t think anyone would make white fuming nitric acid to throw at someone in the face. That’s like making your own bullets out of silver or something. Those guys commonly use some washing chemicals that can be purchased in the shop.

  16. Probably not fuming nitric acid. If all one wants to do is hurt somebody, a little bog standard car battery acid (sulfuric) is gonna be just as effective. Why would they bother synthesizing fuming nitric acid? This stuff has very specific uses, like de-capping ICs.

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