Live Stream To YouTube By Pointing A Box And Pressing A Button

YouTube has the ability to do live streaming, but [Tinkernut] felt that the process could be much more straightforward. From this desire to streamline was born the Raspberry Pi based YouTube live streaming camera. It consists of a Raspberry Pi with some supporting hardware and it has one job: to make live streaming as simple as pointing a box and pressing a button. The hardware is mostly off-the-shelf, and once all the configuration is done the unit provides a simple touchscreen based interface to preview, broadcast live, and shut down. The only thing missing is a 3D printed enclosure, which [Tinkernut] says is in the works.

Getting all the software configured and working was surprisingly complex. Theoretically only a handful of software packages and functionality are needed, but there were all manner of gotchas and tweaks required to get everything to play nice and work correctly. Happily, [Tinkernut] has documented the entire process so others can benefit. The only thing the Pi is missing is a DIY onboard LED lighting and flash module.

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    1. I have a friend who is on Hackster, and refuses to join Hackaday… my understanding, based on what he’s said, is that you’ve got that exactly backwards, chronologically — he has asserted that Hackaday[dot]io is by and large a copy of Hackster.

      Mind you, I don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m just reporting what I’ve heard.

      1. Which came first? There were articles on the main site when was launched, and HAD keeps archives of it’s old posts. If you can find out the date of Hackster’s inception, it’s a pretty easy question to answer.

  1. “Live Stream to YouTube by Pointing a Box and Pressing a Button”

    Pffft… Isn’t this called a “Smartphone”? Most people in the developed and semi-developed world already have one.

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