Unleash Your Inner Starship Captain With This Immersive Simulator Console

We like a good video game as much as the next person. Heck, a few hours wasted with “Team Fortress 2” on a couple of big monitors is a guilty pleasure we’ll never be ashamed of. But this starship bridge simulation console brings immersive gameplay to a new level, and we wholeheartedly endorse it even if we don’t quite get it.

The game in question is “Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator”, a game played by anywhere from 2 to 11 players, each of whom mans a different station on the bridge of a generic starship, from Engineering to Communications to the vaunted Captain’s chair. The game is generally played on laptops linked together in a LAN with everyone in the same room, and as cool as that sounds, it wasn’t enough for [Angel of Rust]. The whole mousing back and forth to control the ship seemed so 21st-century, so he built detailed control panels for each of the bridge stations. The level of detail is impressive, as is the thought put into panel layouts and graphics. The panels are mostly acrylic in MDF frames, which allows for backlighting to achieve the proper mood. With the help of a bunch of Arduinos, everything talks to the game software over DMX, the protocol used mainly for stage lighting control. There’s a cool demo video below.

This is uber-nerd stuff, and we love it. Pyrotechnics and atmospherics would be a great addition for “realistic” battles, and dare we hope that someday this ends up on a giant Stewart platform flight simulator for the ultimate experience?

[Keith Olsen] sent in this rabbit-hole tip, because he apparently hates us. But we thank him anyway.

24 thoughts on “Unleash Your Inner Starship Captain With This Immersive Simulator Console

  1. artemis is a ton of fun, even better since the release of the mobile version too. tablets are great for engineering, and give you that next gen feel.

    the games even more fun with multiple ships fighting

  2. Wow
    i was working or something similar looking (although different in function) for a spaceship themed escape game. https://galacticpioneers.cz/en – there is unfortunately not many pictures of the stuff on the internet as that would be quiet massive spoiler, but if somebody is nearby, likes escape games and spaceships than maybe check that out :)

    1. Fantastic! That is just the kind of escape room I’d play.

      Long before the current escape room trend hit, a friend and I were planning a starship based escape room experience. We didn’t call it an escape room. Then he got diagnosed with cancer, and naturally his priorities changed.

      It would be nice if you said SOMEWHERE on the website maybe what continent you are on? Maybe a country, or even a city? That way I can be immediately disappointed that I’m too far away.

      1. Sorry for missing info, yes as Kevin said, Prague, Czechia, Europe – that’s actually the biggest problem of Escape Games (compared to computer games for example) – they are on some exact place in the world and you need to go there to play :(

  3. I understand the desire for physical buttons – but most of the consoles look like the size of smartphones and tablets.

    I could imagine that a bunch of old phones and tablets could be loaded with a UI app. One for each console.
    Is such an app available?

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