66 thoughts on “Apple Introduces What We’ve All Been Waiting For

    1. This is HackADay. Therefor they are staying true to their name if they publish just one hack per day. On the 30th we got more than just one, we got headphones, assembly, MIDI, etc.

  1. I believe the 900 pixel limitation on the Air was the vertical, not horizontal. Not a huge Apple fan any longer but I’m in the process of restoring a prototype Apple ][ (not +, not e, not c, not gs … an OG ][). Woz’s designs were stunning!

  2. My collection of rainbow stickers (picked up at conventions from roughly 1979 to 1990) disappeared circa 1994 with an ex-girlfriend (as well as a number of other things, like my original diploma and my Zappa vinyl collection…. Grrrr.) This won’t fix the hurt, but might assuage it.

    1. Languages are imprecise, and “we” is especially tricky. When someone says “we’re going to Supercon”, are you going along as well? Or is the speaker talking about a group of people that includes the speaker but _not_ you? How would you know? English is ambiguous here.

      Chinese, on the other hand, has two “we”s — one inclusive of the person spoken to and one that’s exclusive. This title certainly could have benefitted from something like that.

      Hackaday makes things worse, of course, by writing as if we’re some Borg-like entity, even though some of its writers couldn’t possibly care less about the Apple corporation, even if they still harbor a fondness for the SE/30 that they had in college. But what color the apple logo is? Double-plus nope.

      1. We could also do with a third variant, sometimes referred to as the “Royal We”. That’s usually used by bosses in the form of, “We are going to fix this problem” and we excludes the person making the comment…

  3. Circa 1984, when there were endless small stores that existed to sell all the clone parts to make an Apple II , I saw Apple earrings. They were the rainbow apple with the bite out of it, with stud backing. I assumed they came from Apple. I was tempted, but didn’t, so maybe I didn’t have any holes in my ears at that point.

    I stuck a white apple sticker on my Sandisk MP3 player. I do have a collection of unused stickers, I just find them in odd places like used books.


  4. I was hoping to hear Apple removed the DRM chip from their new lineup and stopped trying to destroy the Right to Repair movement.
    But no, the original logo is coming back. Whoopty-freaking-doo.

  5. What we’ve all been waiting for? You mean not trying to ruin repair technicians and the ability to get proper parts? You mean actually making repairable hardware (*cough* iPhone X *cough*)?

    Perhaps if the logo is back from when they weren’t as shitty that will unfuck the company itself? I mean image is everything.

    1. Bitten apple in the logo – bitten apples just start rotting fast and can NOT be repaired in any way. :-) You can just take it as a hint or warning for planned obsolescence. So I stay away from this products.

  6. I don’t blame the author that wrote this “sequence of words” and propose it to HaD, no, I don’t, because he has full right to propose whatever he wants.
    But for sure I blame who in HaD approved to publish, because for sure it his duty to refuse this.

  7. “To this day, you can still find rainbow Apple logo stickers on the back of old Volvos and pinned to the windows of offices.”

    I guess that is because stickers were simply too difficult to remove?
    But seeing the old logo being used again is perhaps a sign of the old hardware coming back also, because well… if they admit that the old logo was better… then the slightly admit that the old company was better…
    For a state-of-the-art-cutting-edge-technology firm it’s slightly strange that they cling on to this nostalgia, many young users never even seen the systems that uses the old logo. So what are they trying to achieve here.
    I suspect it to be a clever form of marketing, suggesting something about history to new users that the good old times was all about apple, which we all know, wasn’t… but seeing those T-shirts… well it makes people believe differently… “think differently” perhaps.

    But then again… I would not be surprised if it was just the idea of a fan-boy (a true believer of the old products) that tossed this around in a meeting and for some reason all managers agreed or something. So I guess it’s cool… nahhh… it IS cool, because retro rules these days! Now perhaps Apple also wants a piece of this and perhaps they will decide to also jump onto the retro wagon and perhaps they will be selling tiny apple-II’s (another copyrighted emulator in an old case) around X-mas next year?

  8. “and gradually [the rainbow apple logo] replaced the logo on all four of Apple’s computer lines.”
    This sentence needs review. Probably replace “and” with “which”.

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