Suspense Courtesy Of Arduino, Mess Of Wires

The ticking clock on the bomb is a Hollywood trope that simply refuses to die. Adding to the stress levels of the bomb squad and creating great suspense for the watcher, it’s always interesting to wonder why the average bomb maker is so courteous as to supply this information to law enforcement. Regardless, if you’d like to build a dramatic prop and are mature enough to do so responsibly, [Giorgio] has the guide you need.

The build is a straightforward one, relying on an Arduino to run the show. This is hooked up to a classic 7-segment LED display, upon which the countdown is displayed. For extra flair, an MP3 player is fitted to play the Mission Impossible theme. It all adds to the tension as you wipe the sweat from your brow, trying to decide if you’re cutting the right wire.

It’s a build that would be an excellent prop for a film production or a fun game at a holiday party. However, it’s also a build that could easily be mistaken for the real thing by those less technically inclined.¬†Even the most innocuous homebrew projects have caused problems for innocent hackers in the past. Fake bombs can be incredibly dangerous, just like the real thing, so it’s important to be careful.

We’ve seen other takes on this kind of build before, too. As always, build responsibly.

8 thoughts on “Suspense Courtesy Of Arduino, Mess Of Wires

  1. It’s commendable how well the moderation cleaned all the incendiary bullshit from the older article’s comment section without breaking the flow of the conversation. Seems like it was never there at all, and I remember how it was back then.

  2. The red wire must stop the display and music, set a ten second timer to turn the display ticking at 150% of the speed and the MP3 player switching to Beethoven’s funeral March at full volume! (Remember to initialize with a lower volume)

  3. I remember one Hallowe’en in the ’80s taking an old military field jacket, lacing wires through it, and carrying several 8″ pieces of 5/8″ ID or so plastic conduit, spray-painted brick red, and taped in a bundle, and wires sticking out… this timer would have been the icing on the cake.

    Not remotely feasible now as a costume, of course….

  4. The idea that a bombsqaud would break a sweat from such a simplton device makes me smile real or fake. The reality is they would not this is just to simple. That aside it would be a neat game and if enough people are interested in a cut the wire type game I may post one here or disagree with me? Please reach out to me to discuss this further.

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