Portmanteau Spewing PunBot

When Python was created, [Guido van Rossum] knew that one day it would be fully realized and take its final form. Clearly, that day has arrived since there now exists a way to send a word query and receive a lengthy list of potential portmanteaus. Some may regard this as merely quaint, but it will be the most important thing to happen in binary until the singularity.

Perhaps we are overpromising a smidge, but it may be fun to spend an afternoon getting your own whimsicalibrated pun resource churning out some eye-roll-worthy word combos. The steps are broken up neatly and explained at a high level with links for more in-depth explanations so a novice can slog through it, but a whiz can wrap it up while the boss is looking the other way.

We truly live in the future, but we may continue writing our own brand of artisanal puns which are number one in someone’s book.

9 thoughts on “Portmanteau Spewing PunBot

  1. Just another hook to get you to sign up for some type of social media account. Cute concept, but no thanks. My e-mail is already full of garbage and I don’t need to add any more.

  2. The post reads like an ad for the framework and the associated online services (twillo, the online dictionary API, etc.) this is built on top of. This does not, for instance, look like the sort of thing you could run stand-alone on an air-gapped machine in place of /use/games/fortune.

    The part that I’d be interested in hearing about in detail is the actual match and search. The layers of interface cruft to glue it to a browser and/or SMS message are so noisy they obfuscate the interesting part.

  3. “but it will be the most important thing to happen in binary until the singularity.”

    [McEvoy], it is okay (really!) to leave the hyperbole to [Benchoff]. Not that he is better at it…

    1. All us Brians are part of the same hive mind.

      Between my friends and I, we place a % before any statement in a text or email just so it is darn clear that we are being silly.

  4. It might not be the most important thing to happen in binary until the singularity, but it is definitely the Best Tool Ever for dyslexic pet owners…

    The Nine Billion Names of Dog.

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