This Computer Mouse Houses A Mouse Computer

Everyone has heard of a computer mouse before, but what about a mouse computer?

Granted, [Electronic Grenade]’s all-in-one computer in an oversized mouse-shaped case is almost without practical value. But that’s hardly the point, which was just to do something cool. Inspiration came from keyboards stuffed with a Raspberry Pi to make a mostly-all-in-one machine; this Rodent of Unusual Size is the next logical step. With a Pi Zero W and a LiPo battery alongside a mouse mechanism inside the 3D-printed case – alas, no real mouse currently on the market would house everything – the computer sports not only a tiny and nearly-usable LCD display, but also a slide-out Bluetooth keyboard. The ergonomics of a keyboard at right angles to the display gives us pause, but again, usability is not the point. And don’t expect much in the performance department – the rig barfs after a few seconds of playing Minecraft.

Still, for all its limitations, this mouse computer has a certain charm. We always enjoy “just because I can” projects, whether they be a Gameboy ukelele or a fire-breathing animatronic duck. Such projects are often valuable not for what they produce, but for pushing into areas where no one has gone before.

Thanks to [GregsStack] for the tip, [via].

14 thoughts on “This Computer Mouse Houses A Mouse Computer

  1. if the keyboard slid out and rotated so it was in the correct plane would make it a bit more usable.
    Its good to see a project just fro the sake of it. the initial idea may not be useful but often spawns an idea for a useful project.

    it would be nice to have the time to make projects for the sake of them ;-)

  2. That’s not a mouse, it’s a friggin’ sewer rat! Anyway why not add a mini HDMI port to the butt end so you don’t have to rely on the tiny monitor? Great build though.

  3. I sent this tip in also. I think something like this for a portable KVM would actually be useful, I don’t know why they always jam a little computer in there. But a KVM this small would be handy for working on DVR’s etc.

  4. Huh. Does anyone make a calculator built into a mouse? I find a separate one preferable to using a calculator on the PC, and if it was part of the mouse, I wouldn’t have to dig through the drawer to find it.

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