Custom Monitor For Pi-Powered Commodore 64

Classic games never seem to have gone out of style and with the emulation powers of the Raspberry Pi, there seems to be no end of projects folks have been coming up with. [Chris Mills] project is a great looking monitor to get his Commodore 64 fix by combining the retro looks of a home-made 64-style monitor with the Raspberry Pi.

[Chris] is only interested in Commodore 64 emulation, at least with this project, and wanted something that would fit on a desk without taking up too much room. An eight inch LCD security monitor fit the bill perfectly. [Chris] ended up building a wooden enclosure for the monitor to give it that Commodore look. The monitor, power supply and cable connections fit inside along with speakers; each of these having their inputs on the back. A fan vents in the back as well and the Pi sits outside running the Combian 64 emulation software.

[Chris] has put up some galleries of build pics. The logo from the old Commodore logo is a nice touch. Read over the Hackaday site and you could build your own Commodore 64, or use the Commodore 64 itself to house the Raspberry Pi if you wanted.


2 thoughts on “Custom Monitor For Pi-Powered Commodore 64

  1. fun project!

    But regarding “Classic games never seem to have gone out of style”, the word classic actually means that this is the case. Like classic music that goes never out of style, classic paintings, classic furniture, etc. So in other words, games that were just games (but not classic) did indeed go out of style and are mostly forgotten, the problem with these forgotten games is that it is hard to name them as they are forgotten. So these forgotten games, that nobody seems to know about any more are a great example of games not being classic.

  2. I’ve followed this build, the effort put into it is admirable, but to be honest, I do not understand it.
    It combines the problems with CRT and LCD for none of the advantages.
    The thing will make noise from fan, sound will be terrible without enclosures for speakers, the think is bulky, the image will be sub-par to an LCD..

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