Postal-Themed Rat Rod Mower Really Delivers

There are birthday presents, and then there are birthday presents. You know, the amazing ones that are the polar opposite of phoning it in. This is one of those presents.

So, [peterbrazil]’s wife is a rural mail carrier on a small island. For her upcoming birthday, he wanted to build a lil’ something she could show off in the local Tractor Days Parade. He found an old Cub Cadet riding mower that was destined for the dump, and the rest is well-documented history.

This glorious conversion required a lot of frame work, but it’s obvious this wasn’t [peterbrazil]’s first rodeo. He got some tires and tie rods from a friend who used to race lawnmowers (yeah, really) and went from there. He wanted this rat rod to be totally slammed (lowered as far as possible), but that would prohibit [Mrs. peterbrazil] from riding it ’round the farm after her parade dust settles. Instead, he went for the raked look, which means the front is lower than the back.

We love all of the reuse here, which includes a wheelbarrow cleverly cut into a seat and a dashboard, an old mailbox for a bed/cargo box, and a pitchfork grill. There are some modern touches as well, like a 3D printed mailbox shift knob with a working door, printed ignition switch box for the dash, and an adapter that makes room for a huge cone air filter. The seat cushion is a nice touch, too—the sunflower fabric adds both femininity and farm flavor to the build.

Always wanted to build a hot rod, but don’t have the garage space? Get some traction with an R/C rod.

10 thoughts on “Postal-Themed Rat Rod Mower Really Delivers

  1. It would seem that riding mower hacking is really turning into a thing! The guys over at Dirt Every Day just did an episode where they went “mowverlanding” with mock “overlanding” vehicles made out of riding mowers! And of course it’s with some Gambler 500 folks so you know it’s gonna be stupid funny. Yes, it’s subscription only, yes there’s a free trial, and no, I don’t get anything for posting a link to this. I laughed so hard, just had to share:

  2. Well “lawn mower” racing was thing here several years ago. Because I have no interest in it I lost track of local events. I had/have an interest in beater Street Rods. In the past owning a ’38 GMC, and a ’48 REO speedwagon. Back then a beater was an older vehicle where anything was used to make in operable, and street legal. Somewhere along the way beater become rat rod fashion thing, where ridiculous became the goal. Rat rod lost me when I seen some fool included sickle bar sections pointed up in a grill. I guess art is really in the eye of the beholder.

    Some of the write up at indestructible lost me.The Steering on lawn/yard a tractors is usually adjustable for toe, the set up is similar to what many go-carts use. I understand,there was a need to modify the the linkage, but that’s not an excuse to include in accurate information I didn’t see mention of the important steering geometry that insures the front wheels tract in complementary arcs. I suppose in a slow moving parade that may not be a proble, but could be in a hell bent race.

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