This Wristwatch Is A Free Form Work Of Art

Free-form circuitry built as open wire sculpture can produce beautiful pieces of electronics, but it does not always lend itself to situations in which it might be placed under physical stress. Thus the sight of [Mile]’s free-form wristwatch is something of a surprise, as a wristwatch cam be exposed to significant mechanical stress in its everyday use.

A wire Wrencher graces thewe underside.
A wire Wrencher graces the underside.

The electronic side of this watch is hardly unusual, the familiar ATmega328-AU low-power microcontroller drives a tiny OLED display. Mechanically though it is a different story, as the outline of a wristwatch shell is traced in copper wire with a very neat rendition of a Wrencher in its base, and a glass lens is installed over the screen to take the place of a watch glass. A strap completes the wristwatch, which can then be worn like any other. Power comes from a small 110 mAh lithium-polymer cell, which it is claimed gives between 6 and 7 hours of on time and over a month of standby with moderate use.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be much detail about the software in this project, but since ATmega328 clocks and watches are ten a penny we don’t think that’s a problem. The key feature is that free-form construction, and for that we like it a lot.

4 thoughts on “This Wristwatch Is A Free Form Work Of Art

  1. cool project. I guess it’s pretty sturdy too, the cage formed by the wires should protect the circuitry very well. And the magnifier is a nice feature too.

    It slightly reminds me of school, where we needed to practice soldering skills by making 2D figures, like mickey mouse or a car or whatever drawing you liked. When finished you could hang it on a wall or in front of a window. Very simple but effective exercise.

  2. Wow! Amazing work!
    It’s even more impressive, considering the relatively small amount of time spent on it. Very impressive indeed!
    (I could throw a few more superlatives around, but I think I made my point clear.)

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