Bicycle Transforms Mid-Ride

For those of us who were children in the late 80s and early 90s, we may have dreamed of one day owning a gigantic tractor trailer that could transform into a colossal fighting robot. Or of simply having a toy that could approximate this change from one form into another. As adults, though, we have come to realize that this is wishful thinking. That is, unless we decide to build this transforming bicycle.

What starts out as a slightly unusual-looking low rider-style bike effortlessly turns into a tall bike by means of a gas cylinder fixed to the bike’s rear triangle. The bike started out as a full suspension mountain bike, but the rear spring was removed to make room for this cylinder. The pivoting action of the rear triangle in a mountain bike is the key design element here: it allows the frame to change shape easily, in this situation when pushed by the cylinder. Adding some longer forks in the front and a coat of paint finishes the build.

This bike was entered in the Make It Move contest on Instrucables, and has gotten some pretty wide recognition so far. It’s a unique bicycle to be sure, and we’ve seen a few. From Russian offroad electric utility bicycles to bicycles that keep drivers from speeding down roads, there have been lots of interesting bike-based builds.

9 thoughts on “Bicycle Transforms Mid-Ride

  1. wait. so you gotta climb on when its most awkward in High Mode, and as you ride it slowly sinks down into Low Mode…but when you dismount it rises back up to be hard to get on again?

    someone get that man a linear actuator, stat!

    might be a way to put a linkage so the seat follows the angle between frame and rear too.

  2. I love love love this! Maybe it could benefit from a locking mechanism? Something like the choke on my BMW perhaps: a small lever on the handlebars that can be put into either of two positions (and will stay there), which pulls a locking bolt via a cable? Thus the bike could be held in chopper mode for easier mounting/dismounting.

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