Hackaday Podcast 059: Hydraulic Rockets And Presses, Machine Vision That Bounces And Stares, And Smart Speakers That Listen To You

Hackaday editors Mike Szczys and Elliot Williams undertake a journey through the week of fantastic hacks. Add a new level of complexity to model rockets by launching them from a silo via pneumatic ram before the combustibles even get involved. The eyes of that sculpture are actually following you — and with laser focus! The Game Boy is a pillar of pop culture for a reason, there’s a superb talk that outlines all of the interesting choices that made the electronics so special. We round out the show with a rousing discussion of a space tow truck and a scholarly look at the sporadic wake patter of Alexa et al.

Take a look at the links below if you want to follow along, and as always tell us what you think about this episode in the comments!

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