Signal The End Of A Print With MIDI Of Your Choice

The end of every 3D print should be a triumphant moment, and deserves a theme song. [FuseBox2R] decided to make it a reality, and wrote tool for converting MIDI tracks to G-code that uses the buzzer on your 3D printer.

The tool is up on GitHub, and uses the M300 speaker command that is available in Marlin and some other 3D printer firmware packages. It takes the form of a static HTML page with in-line JavaScript that converts a midi track to series of speaker commands with the appropriate frequency and duration parameters, using the Tone.js framework. Simply add to your slicer G-code to add a bit of spice to your prints. You can also build a MIDI jukebox using the RAMPS board and LCD you probably have gathering dust somewhere. See the video after the break for a demonstration, including a rendition of the DOOM theme song, and off course Mario Bros.

For more quarantine projects, you can also play MIDI using the stepper motors on your printer, or build a day clock if time is becoming too much of a blur.

6 thoughts on “Signal The End Of A Print With MIDI Of Your Choice

  1. In the early 80’s, I built a bit slice disk controller for removable pack type hard drives. If my diagnostic for the system failed,
    it would pay ‘Taps’ using the voice coil head seek mechanism.

    1. Heh heh, that rings a bell, I’ve got some dim memory about someone freaking out on a newsgroup because their syquest drive was playing taps…. Not totally sure it was syquest, it’s that association in my brain, syquest being the hoover, xerox or kleenex of removable cartridge drives to me.

  2. Japanese factories seem to like the system where if something need attention (fixing, refiling, removing product…), it plays a melody. Each machine/thing to be attended to has a different one.

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