What Day Is It?

With much of the world staying at home at the moment, keeping track of our sanity and the day of the week is a bit of a challenge, especially without the normal daily routine to hold onto. To help with one of these problems, [phreakmonkey] has built a Day Clock. As the name suggests, it’s only purpose is to show what day of the week it is.

Avery simple device, the two main components are a servo and a Wemos D1 Mini, the popular ESP8266-based dev board. Using the NTPtimeESP library, it gets day of the week from the internet, and moves the servo to indicate the current day on a 3D printed face. Most readers should be able to whip one up in an hour or two, which can help keep sane in these interesting times.

For another Corona clock, check out [Elliot Williams]’ version that helps with keeping domestic peace. If you want to do something to combat the spread of the current epidemic, you can build a few face shields, make your idle computer available for Folding@Home or sew a few masks. Every bit helps.

15 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. I have always/often wanted a wristwatch that told this time. And only this time. I almost wrote 2012 (or 13, I wondered???) on a deposit slip the other day.

    Day and year would be nice.
    I can figure out the rest.

    AVERY! Maybe we are related?

  2. Day 28, I think I hear voices in the toilet flush, what if there are people trapped down there? Maybe I’ll check again tomorrow. Jackpot, found my USB floppy drive, OTG Cable, and set of Win 95A install floppies, look out Galaxy S5…

  3. “staying at home at the moment, keeping track of our sanity ”

    WoW gotta hate those filthy extroverts.

    I’m staying at home since a year now being jobless after worked for 6 hard years. I absolutely hated driving into work to sit in a busy office with no home office option. I absolutely hated doing this for the last 6 years for my life.

    So thanks god that covid changing our world and providing us introverts with proper job opportunities!

  4. At the beginning of this year it took some searching at the pop-up calendar shop at the Mall to find one that had the days columns as Monday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday, instead of the Sunday-Monday-Friday-Saturday arrangement that most of them are. But looking at this, I now realise some people like it that way.

    1. I’ve always thought that arrangement made more sense. And for software involving time zones, isn’t it common in Europe for day 0 to be Monday? Maybe an European commenter could clear that up.
      Isn’t it also odd that each new day starts in the middle of the night? I think about that too. (I have too much time and not enough human interaction right now.)

      1. Here in Germany the “working week” starts with a Monday, phase of on friday afternoon to ssaturday and make a full stop on sunday…

        …Wednesday is called “mid of the week” “Mittwoch” here

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