Remotely Navigate The Apocalypse In Mid-Century Style

One of the few positives to come of this pandemic is that the restrictive nature of scarcity can be a boon to creativity. Plus, the doom and gloom of it all is causing people to loosen up and do things they never felt free enough to do before in the demanding world of the before times.

For example, [ossum] makes R/C vehicles on commission to exacting standards, but took a break from perfection to build this remote control hellscape-faring van by the seat of his pants. It’s quite a resourceful build that combines pieces from previous projects with a few standard R/C parts and a handful of clever hacks.

The body is a test print of a 1957 Chevy Suburban van that [ossum] made for someone a few years back. It’s mounted on a scrap metal chassis and moves on printed tank treads designed for a different vehicle.

Since glass is a liability in an apocalypse (and because [ossum] doesn’t have a resin printer yet), the windows have fortified coverings that are printed, patina’d, and detailed with tiny rivet heads.

As far as hacks go, our favorite has to be the clothespin steering. [ossum] only had one electronic speed controller, so he used a servo to actuate a pair of spring-loaded clips, alternating between the two to move the tank-van. There’s a short video after the break that shows the rack and clothes-pinion steering, and it’s loaded up right after a brief demo of the van.

We realize that everyone’s apocalyptic needs are different, but there’s more than enough here to get you started. Don’t have access to enough R/C parts? Gear boxes and drive shafts can be printed, too.

18 thoughts on “Remotely Navigate The Apocalypse In Mid-Century Style

  1. Some folk are truly talented with imagination. That model needs a full size version. :)

    I love how the most popular versions of the Apocalypse nearly always include sufficient fuel to run gas guzzlers though.

    However, an Apocalyptical bicycle doesn’t have quite the same appeal…. :)

    1. Thanks, appreciate the compliment! I always find my imagination works better with a few unexpected constraints thrown at it.

      I’d like a 1:1 too but I think I’d be scared of the giant clothes pegs switching huge currents behind my head ;-)

    2. The problem with most Post-Apocalyptic thinking is that most people think they will survive, when they won’t. The fact is when you see the Terminator crushing the human skull with it’s foot in the start of T2 is that would probably be your skull. PA movies are just fun fantasy.

      1. IDK I’m doing pretty well so far, this corona thing is my 63rd Apocalypse counting everything like y2k and 2012 and all psychic and doomsday predictions.

    1. A good guess but I am actually in South Africa, I reckon it is the UK’s fault we drive on the left though, so you were basically correct!

      I do rather like the idea of fresh milk delivery, come rain shine or apocalypse ;-)

    1. Very cool, It’s always more fun with a camera onboard! I’d been considering FPV-ing this one but not sure yet,it’d either have terrible visibility or require a non-driver’s-seat camera position, which breaks the immersion for me.

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