Cube64 Puts The Good Controllers On The GoldenEye Console

The Nintendo 64 was lauded for bringing quality 3D graphics and analog stick controls to the console realm, way back in 1996. Unfortunately, those analog sticks were never very good; if you’ve ever played four player Mario Kart 64, you know how it feels to be stuck with that controller. For a superior experience, consider building an adapter and upgrading to the GameCube controller instead.

Cube64 is a project that allows GameCube controllers to work with the original Nintendo 64 hardware. Using a PIC18F14K22 in its DIY version, or a PIC18F24Q10 in the SMD version, it’s the product of much work by [scanlime] and [darthcloud] to reverse engineer the N64 and GC controller protocols. The GameCube’s many buttons and sticks allow for easy mapping to the N64’s original button layout, and the hardware provides plenty of calibration options and maps to get things working exactly the way you like for the game you’re playing.

Given that original N64 controllers are getting hard to come by, a GameCube upgrade is a great way to go. They’ll likely be in production for years yet, thanks to the commercial influence of Super Smash Bros. Of course, the two consoles have been fine friends for years, as evidenced by this mashup console we featured back in the distant, peaceful past of 2013.

7 thoughts on “Cube64 Puts The Good Controllers On The GoldenEye Console

    1. You’re right. Gamecube controller should properly be referred to as best controller.

      In all seriousness there are advantages to each modern controller and it comes down to personal preference. I really like the Gamecube layout. The big A button with a ring of other buttons around it works well for me and the kind of games I like. Some games really benefit from the standard Playstation layout with the symmetrical analog sticks but other games feel hobbled by it. Xbox seems to have gone with a “jack of all trades” layout that works okay for everything but is rarely perfect. But again those are just my feelings.

    1. Yes it does, I’m sure it’s was the first adapter with this option back in 2018 :)

      See relevant section in user manual:

      My new adapter project ( also support this feature.

      Another cool feature of Cube64 is you can have in parallel a N64 controller plug to it and its going to multiplex the data between the adapter for control and data access for accessory to the real controller allowed to use original memory pak & transfer pak.

      BlueRetro will soon support memory card & transfer pak as well (but not yet :) )

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