Open Source Motion Controller For DIY Drones

DJI recently introduced a slick motion controller that eschews the traditional dual-stick transmitter and allows you to fly their new “FPV Drone” with just one hand. The fact that it looks like it could double as the control stick for an X-Wing is just an added bonus. Unfortunately, that single model is the only thing the $199 USD controller is currently compatible with. Unwilling to get locked into the DJI ecosystem, [Paweł Spychalski] has developed an open source work-alike motion controller that brings gesture flying to home-built quadcopters and airplanes.

Now to be clear, you’ll still need a traditional transmitter to use this device. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, [Paweł] decided to implement his motion controller as an add-on for OpenTX hardware like the RadioMaster TX16S. It simply plugs into the trainer port on the back of the transmitter and acts as a secondary input. This greatly simplifies the design, as it essentially just needs to read angle data from its MPU-6050 gyro/accelerometer and forward it along to OpenTX over the serial port. Plus the fact that it’s connected to the trainer port means you can disable it and return to traditional controls in an instant if anything goes wrong.

Outside of the motion sensing gear, the ESP32-powered peripheral also has a thumb stick and a pair of push buttons nestled into its 3D printed frame. An OLED display provides some user feedback, and a holder for a 18650 cell is mounted to the back side as the controller will need its own power source when [Paweł] gets around to making its connection to the transmitter wireless.

In the video below, [Paweł] takes the motion controller for a test flight and comes away largely satisfied with the results. Some tweaks are in the works as you might expect for a first attempt, but nothing that would prevent you from building your own version today and experiencing what might be the next evolution of RC flying.

7 thoughts on “Open Source Motion Controller For DIY Drones

  1. I had a team of people working to build this exact thing a couple years ago. We found that the MPU-6050 was insufficient, ignoring the fact that it is discontinued tech. I ultimately settled on the ICM-20948 instead using this driver for the STM32:

    I would love to discuss the project with you and do whatever I can to help it succeed.

    – Cory Cline

  2. The irony of it all. In the early days of hobbyist quadcopters we used to gut Wii controllers to use with multiwii. Now we’ve reinvented the controller to actually fly the drone!

  3. That great, and it will be more if you can code for flight controller to PPM/PWM out to TX, because FC iis already gyro MPU & ARM. Some FC is small easy mod inside TX (EX: FC Tmotor light). Or can stick FC to a glove.

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