Scratch-Built Robot Arm Looks Like Something Off The Factory Floor

[Jeremy Fielding] is rightly impressed with the power and precision of industrial robot arms. The big arms that you see welding cars on assembly lines and the like are engineering feats in their own right, which is why his leap into scratch-building one in the home shop promises to be quite an adventure, and one we’re eager to follow.

From the look of the video below, [Jeremy]’s arm is already substantially complete, so it seems like he’ll be releasing videos that detail how he got to the point where this impressively large and powerful arm took over so much of his shop. He’s not fooling around here — this is a seven-axis articulated arm built from aluminum and powered by AC servos. [Jeremy] allows that some of the structural parts are still 3D-printed prototypes that he’s using to finalize the design before committing to cutting metal, a wise move as he notes that most of the metalworking skills he needs to complete the build are still fairly new to him. It still looks amazing, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the series to see how he got to this point.

We always appreciate [Jeremy]’s enthusiasm and presentation style, and we generally learn a lot from his videos. Whether it’s a CNC table saw, a homebrew dynamometer, or supersonically melting baseballs, his videos are always great to watch.

13 thoughts on “Scratch-Built Robot Arm Looks Like Something Off The Factory Floor

  1. holy shit. last time I saw this guys channel was his table saw build, which was cool, but no where NEAR this level.

    I’m super excited for this. definitely subscribed to the channel now.

  2. Wow! Great work! That’s just absolutely amazing progress for just a few months. Inspires me to work on improvements for me own much simpler robot arm (4DOF). Look forward to more videos on the project.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I made the professional robotics software myself w/o any sponsors, but I can’t find a sponsor to get at least one industrial robot for the test because I live in Bosnia.

        1. You may find it on google. Just search for robotics simulation software 2021, as there aren’t many of them released this year). Sorry, I would type the name of software here, but I think that is not allowed.

    2. Amazing what you can do if you’ve put in the time and work to build a channel to attract and retain sponsors! Between that and designing that arm and raising awesome kids…I have to wonder if this man sleeps!

  3. Jeremy is amazingly talented and humble. Every time I get a notification for one of his videos I get super excited to watch! I plan on using his explanation-heavy videos once my kids are older as teaching aids.

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