Giant Working NERF Gun Runs On Tiny Arduino

Giant working NERF gun runs on Arduino.

Well, here it is: a shoe-in for the new world’s largest NERF gun. (Video, embedded below.) The Guinness people haven’t shown up yet to award [Michael Pick], but at 12.5 feet, this baby is over twice as long as the current record holder, which belongs to former NASA mechanical engineer Mark Rober and his now-puny six-foot six-shooter.

We have to wonder if it is technically bigger than the six-shooter, because they seem to be roughly the same scale, except that [Michael] chose a much bigger model to start from. The main body is made from wood, and there are a ton of 3D-printed details that make it look fantastically accurate. The whole thing weighs over 200 pounds and takes at least two people to move it around. We especially love the DIY darts that [Michael] came up with, which are made from a PVC tube inside a section of pool noodle, topped off with a 3D printed piece for that distinctive orange cap.

Propelling those darts at around 50 MPH is a 3,000 PSI air tank connected to an Arduino Pro Mini that controls the trigger and the air valves. While [Michael] hasn’t run the thing quite that high, it does plenty of damage in the neighborhood of 40-80 PSI. As you’ll see in the video after the break, this is quite the ranged weapon. Watch it blow a hole clean through a sheet of drywall and much more.

Want to build something with a bit more stealth? Make it death from above with a NERF quadcopter.

8 thoughts on “Giant Working NERF Gun Runs On Tiny Arduino

  1. The amusing part is that with upgraded springs, removal of a few restrictions and hard rubber tipped darts the original longshot can also put darts through plasterboard(Though a much smaller hole), give you some really nasty bruises or dismantle it’self if you dry-fire it.
    Not with the extended barrel though, that just wastes power on the original.

  2. So, he made a giant nerf gun that can fire at 80psi, but he deliberately reduced the power to 40psi for safety reasons.
    Taking this into account, Could we say he nerfed his nerf gun?

    1. >> but he deliberately reduced the power to 40psi for safety reasons.


      Props on the cool project and everything, but dialing it down because… *safety*? I mean, Can even really call him a hacker….?

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