Horror Instrument Is Truly Astounding To Listen To

Truly new musical instruments don’t come along every day; much of the low hanging fruit has already been taken. [Simon the Magpie] has been working on something that’s just a little innovative, and built what he refers to as an “Incredible Horror Instrument.” It’s all about feedback.

The build started with the Suzuki Andes 25F, a so-called “keyboard recorder.” It has the appearance of a melodion but produces flute-like sounds. [Simon]’s idea was to combine the breath-powered instrument with a talk box. If you’re unfamiliar, a talk box is designed for playing amplified guitar sounds through a tube that is placed in a player’s mouth so they can “shape” the guitar sound with their mouth.

In this role, though, the talk box’s input is hooked up to a microphone which captures the output of the Andes 25F. It then plays this back through a tube connected to the breath input of the Andes 25F. [Simon] thus created a feedback look that can effectively be “played” via the keyboard on the Andes 25F.

The audible results are eerie and haunting, and seem more than fitting for even a well-budgeted horror film. [Simon] also demonstrates some neat possibilities when combining the setup with a further feedback loop that feeds in other tones.

We’ve covered [Simon’s] work before; it’s often noisy and always entertaining. Video after the break.


9 thoughts on “Horror Instrument Is Truly Astounding To Listen To

  1. Thumbnail on that corrugated hose at the start of the video…..?
    Oh yeah, been there and done it. Try dragging larger ones across landscaping timbers, etc while working. More cool noises.
    A.d.d tends to make the entire world your ” busy-box”.
    Now wait till someone shows him the sounds of having a long, ( while powered up) central vacuum hose, draped around his shoulders while someone drops pebbles into the intake end.
    Yeah it was the 70’s and we were teenagers!

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