Hackaday Europe Is Almost Here, Last Call For Tickets

By the time this post hits the front page, we’ll be just a few days away from the kickoff of Hackaday Europe 2024!

For those of you joining us in Berlin this weekend, we’ve got an incredible amount of content planned for you. Things get rolling on Friday with a pre-event meetup. But Saturday is when things really kick into high gear. Before the day’s out, we’ll have played host to nearly a dozen speakers and — literally — more workshops than we could fit into the schedule. Two workshops will be “floating” events that will happen once enough interested parties have congregated in one place. We’ll keep things going until well past midnight, which leads directly into Sunday. We want to get a few sessions of lightning talks packed in, so start coming up with your talk ideas now.

The Vectorscope will be making its European debut.

In addition, there will be food, music, camaraderie, badge hacking, and the general technolust surrounding a Hackaday event. In our humble and totally unbiased opinion, we put on some of the best and most unique hardware hacking meetups in the world — if you like reading Hackaday, you’ll love living it for a couple of days.

As of this writing, we still have a very few tickets for Hackaday Europe 2024 available. Want one? Head over to the Eventbrite page. But you better hurry. We’re talking a literal handful here, so don’t be surprised if they’ve dried up by the time you read this.

The workshops have all sold out, but as usual, we’ll be running a waiting list right up until the last minute: should anyone have to drop out of a workshop (which happens more than you might think), their spot will go to the person next in line. If you’d like to get on the list, email prize@hackaday.com with your name, ticket number, and the workshop you’re hoping to sneak into, and we’ll see what we can do.

But don’t let the workshops stop you. There’s still plenty to see, do, and experience. See you there!

12 thoughts on “Hackaday Europe Is Almost Here, Last Call For Tickets

  1. sigh… I´m unable to attend the event I booked. Got an early birdie ticket, and I´m willing to part it for same price i paid… but on the other hand I´d really love to have the goodies bag at least. Wenn jemand gerne dabei wäre, kein Ticket hat, und kein Interesse das Badge & Goodies als Souvenir zu behalten, vielleicht schaffen wir was ? Bitte euch nicht alle melden, bin erreichbar bei Gugel Mehl als olimopps. Letztes Jahr war soviel Spaß…

    1. I’ll take your early bird ticket, please. How can we do this? If I put an email address here, it will be spammed forever. Hmmm. I guess I could just make a burner email address. Okay, wvhp81sonz@mailcurity.com apparently will last for 7 days. Please contact me and we will work something out. If you live in Berlin, it will be easy.


  2. It sounds really fun, but to drive all the way from the Netherlands to eastern europe is a bitch much. It’s about 220 euro’s worth of fuel and I’d need a place to stay, etc. Maybe in the future there will be one closer to my house.

  3. I am a regular hack a day reader and just hear about this the first time.
    Either i am blind, ignorant, or there was not enough promotion about the event here on this site.
    As its to short to change my plans i might join another time.

    1. this is the 4th post in between hundreds probably. There’s a discord, I know it’s not everybody’s favorite kind of platform, but I’d say it’s a lot busier than hackaday io these days – can recommend. Hackaday has sold all their tickets to events through eventbrite, so it also helps to follow them there to get notified.

      1. I knew about the event, did not know about a Discord server. To be fair, when I see Discord, I usually block it in my head. I used to be in a channel that was linked through a bot to an IRC server. I’d much rather use IRC directly though. No images, emoji’s, sounds, etc.

        I never understood hackaday.io. I mean, I know what it is, but the website doesn’t work with how my mind works. I tried following different projects but the main page is just blank. The project pages layout is just weird to me. Maybe it makes sense for other people, but I wouldn’t post a project there due to the interface.

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