A Ride-On Picnic Table For Those Idylic Summer Evenings

For most outsiders the Netherlands is a country of picturesque cities, windmills, tulips, and maybe those famous coffee shops. Head away from the coast though and you enter the country’s rural hinterland, farming country with lush green fields, dairy cattle, and farm lads doing what they do best, which is hacking old machinery to do crazy things under those wide skies. [Plodno] are based on a farm somewhere in the eastern Netherlands, and the latest of these lads’ creations is a motorised picnic table (Dutch language, you’ll need YouTube translated subtitles).

This is farm hacking at its best, with a scrap FIAT hatchback donating its running gear to a welded tubular frame, with a chain drive to a small single-cylinder engine. There’s no suspension save for the air in the tyres, the steering column is vertical, and the brake is a single inboard disk on the rear axle. Perhaps it’s fortunate that the intended beating heart, a Kawasaki motorycle engine, was misfiring, as it would have been truly lethal with that much power. We’re not too convinced at the legality of taking such a contraption on the public road in the Netherlands, but they seem to get away with it. Take a look at the build in the video below the break.

Here at Hackaday we like a good hacky farm build, even though sometimes they’re not so well-assembled.

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Motorized Picnic Table Terrorizes Perth Streets

There is a public menace on the streets of Perth, Australia: two motorized picnic tables. Police are looking for the drivers of the, erm, vehicles, which were seen cruising down the West Coast Highway, complete with passenger casually sitting on the tables having a drink. It looks like the two picnic tables are being driven by a centrally mounted lawnmower motor and are controlled from one of the seats. The police are interested because it is illegal to drive something on the public road in Australia that isn’t properly licensed. I’ll bet that his insurance probably doesn’t cover taking it out for a spin on the highway, either. The accompanying TV news report does not identify the person responsible, but they claim have spoken to the builder, who says that the two tables can manage up to 50 miles per hour. They claim that he is even working on an upgraded model that includes a built-in barbecue, which could bring a whole new meaning to the term drive-thru.

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