ArduPilot Pro autonomous drone

We wrote about [Chris Anderson] before when he released the Arduino based autopilot. He has since crashed his first Predator UAV, due to an underpowered motor and poor control of the v-tail only steering. He has since released a pro version of the autopilot controller, and is modifying this UAV Predator drone kit to work with it. One ATMega168 processor handles flying and the other handles GPS navigation, but because they work together, it results in a fully autonomous drone. He also has a BlimpDuino version we have covered before.


  1. jimmys says:

    Sweet. but for me it’s not the platform, it’s the sensor modules.

  2. derwin says:

    this is a great concept. i’m curious about the clone-stamped grass in the bottom right corner of the image. what was he hiding?

  3. Joseph says:

    That picture looks fake…

  4. Jason Rollette says:

    it is not fake, but a pretty affordable kit that was modified to be a drone. I had not noticed the picture was shopped or I would not have used it.

  5. rivetgeek says:


    That doesn’t look clone stamped. That looks more like a planting crate was left there and flattened the grass into the cris cross pattern

  6. Deimos says:

    Wouldn’t that be an MQ-9 “Reaper”, Not the MQ-1 “Predator”. Sorry, hate to be “that” guy.

  7. Tim says:


    The MQ9 Reaper was originally know as the MQ9 Predator B

  8. marked says:


    It’s hiding a logo from this picture

    that is on this page

  9. Chris Anderson says:

    Chris here. Yes, that’s the pic I grabbed from the Nitroplanes site and shopped out their logo. My own shots aren’t as good because I’m a crappy photographer, but if you want to see them they’re here:

  10. 管筱 says:


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