iPhone 3G unlock video


To appease people waiting for the iPhone 3G unlock, iphone-dev team member [MuscleNerd] did a live video demo this afternoon. The video shows him removing the AT&T SIM and putting in a T-Mobile SIM. After the switch, the phone shows no connectivity. He then runs “yellosn0w” in an SSH session with the phone. The phone then unlocks without needing to be rebooted and the signal bars appear. The final test shows the phone receiving a call.

The target for this release is New Year’s Eve and it doesn’t support the most recent baseband. Well be attending the 25C3 talk hosted by [MuscleNerd] and other team members. The VNC screen you see in the video is thanks to [saurik]‘s Veency.


  1. luke says:

    “baseband is vulnerable”? that sounds so pointlessly “technical”…

  2. Mikotoke says:

    Next thing de know we’ll je seeing thé iPhone on verizon -_-

  3. D3XTR says:

    weee!!! we can now put the iphone on 3!

  4. will d. says:

    @luke, yeah i expect the next line would be ‘reticulating splines’

  5. CyberPrime says:

    Sweet, love these guys. Can’t wait for the release! I would be willing to take a CLI release for Christmas…

  6. Man I can’t wait for the new iPhone 3G S, my iPhone 1st gen really needs a replacer.

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