No Solder EEEPC 701 Upgrades


[luke] has put together a set of EeePC upgrade instructions for those who suffer from solderphobia. If you have the EeePC 700 or 701,  also known as the 4G surf, you can upgrade the storage, add bluetooth, and a touch screen without having to solder a thing. Those models don’t have the built in camera, so they have an unused internal USB port.  With some crafty taping and careful placement, you can upgrade as easily as [luke]. We’ve really seen the EeePC mature, the product line has expanded quite a lot. For those who don’t mind a little solder, there have been tons of hacks for the EeePC.

13 thoughts on “No Solder EEEPC 701 Upgrades

  1. Standard disclaimers apply about voiding your warranty, but i bet you someone will break their EEEPC and complain.

    ESD mats, and grounding straps are a good idea when working with electronics at home – especially if you’re on top of carpet.

  2. 701 is the 4G standard model, with camera. Still, hubs designed for use in the EEE PC often have a port to plug the camera into.

    Neil_J: I believe Caleb Kraft is referring to fearing soldering something that a person may not be able to afford to replace if bricked, not soldering in general.

  3. I’ve soldered plenty of motherboards. (all of which I could not have afforded to replace.) as long as you know what you’re doing and don’t overheat anything nothing bad is going to happen. it shouldn’t be your first soldering project, but there is no reason to be afraid you’re going to break your computer. I second the vote for hot glue; not only does it hold things in place but it’s perfect for preventing shorts.

  4. wow!! thats the second time i have made it on hackaday!!!
    thanks guys :P

    @obnauticus, yeah my tapeing skills are not that great but it works :P

    and for the record im not afariad to solder. but its just so much easyer

  5. i have a 4g Surf without the webcam , i have bought the touchscreen and controller , its all fitted , but nomatter what i try it jus doesnt recognise the intrnal camera port , is it possible that it is disabled in the bios , if i were to upgrade my bios to the 4g (withwebcam) then would it recognise it or is this just a failed theory because i realy dont want this screwing up thanks:)

  6. im having the same problem as viper and my eeepc 4g surf doesnt recognise the internal cam port :S im now on my second touchscreen and on my last controler unit i blew it >.< and now i hav bought a "plug and play" controler board and touchscreen but it just doesnt recognise it when i plug it in

  7. i have a 4g 701 and a dead 900. The top board where the processor is located went to hell, but the bottom (where the SSD, mini card and flash memory is located) is OK.
    I’m wondering if i salvage the flash memory and the SSD solder it on the 4G.

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