Hexapod helicopter

[Kiethrobot] built this six legged little helicopter. You can see that it is fairly mobile. You can also see that it doesn’t really make it off the ground really well.  He must have gotten more power out of it though because he destroyed it in a crash the day after filming this. It is surprising how much character those six little legs add to the RC helicopter. This thing is almost as cute as something from crabfu.

[via BotJunkie]


  1. EdwardNardella says:

    Maybe jumping will help get it off the ground?

  2. nubie says:

    That is just too awesome.

  3. qdos says:

    that is pretty damn cool, bit scary tho :)

  4. sly says:
  5. therian says:

    middle legs serve no purpose, removing them will probably allow this thing to fly

  6. dan says:

    that is the awesomest thing, i would love to see it try to jump.

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    Couldn’t lift it’s own weight and was imbalanced for flight.

    next go will be better I’m sure.

  8. nick says:

    zomg!! Badass!

  9. Blastar says:

    Yea really cool.

  10. M0535 says:

    I am personally glad it crashed. Now it can’t fly at my face and suck my brains out during the robot invasion…

  11. sean says:

    oh my gosh.
    definitely the coolest swarm-bot potential out there…. and extremely creepy.

  12. andrew says:

    whoa thats awesome! also, he might not have been giving it full throttle in the video, since he’s inside and probably didn’t want to crash it.

  13. Panq says:

    As others have mentioned, it wasn’t quite balanced, so full-throttle would probably have flipped it. It’s nice as a first prototype though.

    I would like to see this done with a quadrotor. Wouldn’t have to worry too much about shifting centre of gravity, and the gyros and/or accelerometers would let you use dynamic balancing, like a bipod or something.

  14. ajlovegrove says:

    Run for your lives!

  15. _matt says:

    panq, you and i need to build one, now.

    you bring the supplies, and i’ll bring the…..me.

  16. BigBubbaX says:

    Dang! I want one!

  17. Ender says:

    That’s kinda scares me

  18. clark says:

    did anyone read the description?

    “unfortunately the flying is not autonomous yet and I don’t know how to fly an RC helicopter. I crashed it the next day”

    I didn’t take off a helicopter straight up first time I had flown.

  19. cyberpunk says:

    too bad it crashed. would have been neat to see it fly! i wanna build one now! how come no one has hacked the mini airplanes (the ones tyc0 make) ??

  20. Sammy says:

    i saw this ages ago on Society of Robots…It’s almost old news…

  21. blizzzarddemon says:

    Ya know if he made it out of a lighter material, like that plastic stuff crabfu was made of, it might gain more altitude.

  22. fractalrock says:

    I’m not an R/C helo pilot either, but I do know that the co-axial units (one rotor on top of the other, spinning in different directions) are more stable. I would guess they would give you more lift too (although that might be offset by the more complicated inner workings).

  23. chris says:

    Pretty pointless if it can’t fly?

  24. pilotOne says:

    Looks like it will fly fine, but that he just doesnt know how to fly an R/C helicopter.

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