Crack WEP using BackTrack


Lifehacker wrote a guide for cracking a WiFi network’s WEP password using BackTrack. BackTrack is a Linux live CD used for security testing and comes with the tools needed to break WEP. Not just any wireless card will work for this; you need one that supports packet injection. The crack works by collecting legitimate packets then replaying them several times in order to generate data. They point out that this method can be hit-or-miss, especially if there are few other users on the network, as the crack requires authenticated packets. We covered cracking WEP before, but using BackTrack should smooth out compatibility issues.

48 thoughts on “Crack WEP using BackTrack

  1. If there are few users on the network and not many IVs are being captured, you can use an injecting attack to generate more. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed it, but it really beats sitting around for an hour.

  2. ^^ can’t add anything to this
    (so old its lame to call it a hack)

    btw using plain ubuntu you’ll be “hacking” WEP networks in no time compared to backtrack. Backtrack isn’t the best O/S and trying to get YOUR hardware to work with it is a major pain in the A$$.

  3. like we needed another backtrack wep cracking tutorial on the net. seriously there are literally hundreds that are accurate already.

  4. Wait, you can get the internet without wires? Like that’s total awesome! I’m telling all my buddies on Compuserve!

  5. “but using BackTrack should smooth out compatibility issues.”

    Except when BackTrack is not compatible. Like with the last 3 laptops I tried it on. Worked great on my desktop, but it’s kinda hard to wardrive with that.

  6. Please dont tell me that people havent already heard about this? Oh and just to point out backtrack aint essential. I mean aircrack-ng runs on many linux platforms the only advantage is for windows users who wanna try linus before making the right move ;)

  7. yep old news… If I wanted lame news I would have subscribed to Lifehacker…. oh wait, I already do!


  8. Backtrack 4 beta is much improved. I couldn’t get stuff working on BT3 that works ‘out of the box’ with BT4b.

    this is a brutally old guide though it still applies. just use an updated OS and you’re set. heck, slax with compat wireless and aircrack will do it almost the same.

  9. I agree bt4 is much improved. I prefer Back Track 3 for 2 reasons.
    1)Bt 3 will fit on a 1 gig flash drive
    2)Bt 3 slackware based opposed to BT4 and its Ubuntu root’s (pun intended).


  10. i was the cool kid on the block with a new casette for my TI. (25yrs later) now i want to “test” some bandwidth. where should i start now that i have puppy running off my flash drive??

  11. kurwa co za gowno z dupy wycieklo.

    stare i gowno warte gowno.
    lepiej uzyc wbudowanych manuali jak sie juz nie umie.

    baran pierdolny jest adminem tej strony , bo do serwisu to tu daleko

  12. Been there, done that.

    It’s fucking cracking!! Learn what hackers are before you go blasting bullshit from your vocal cords (or keyboard).

  13. @paul, just apt-get install aircrack-ng then RTFM.

    @ benny_m: I kn0w what h4ck3rz are- mostly wannabe kids thinking like “oh woooow now that I’ve cracked my own insecure home WEP network I can call meself a h4ck3R!!!!

    left to say: l0l

  14. btw what does backtrack help when your hardware is not supported with the drivers provided with it, or if you need to patch them to enable packet injection? I doubt you’d prefer BT3 or BT4 over any standard good linux distro anymore. Besides all software incluuded in BT is also abailable as .rpm or .deb for *real* linux. :D

  15. ok – that was weird. I thought I’d travelled a few years into the past. I was all ready to play the lottery again too……

  16. Olá

    This is so, old!

    Backtrack is good enough. And RT73 is one of the best cards doing packet injection.

  17. who uses wep anymore unless you abso-freaking-lootly have to… I got some cassettes we can jam out to

  18. Are you kidding, did hackaday really publish this. An article showing some of the new features of backtrack 3 would have been nice, but did you really have to spoon feed kiddies this info, if they are ready for it, they will learn it on their own. There are plenty of enough resources out there.

  19. Please dont tell me that people havent already heard about this? Oh and just to point out backtrack aint essential. I mean aircrack-ng runs on many linux platforms the only advantage is for windows users who wanna try linus before making the right move ;)

  20. You guys are a bunch of jackass, how many tutorials or articles have you written?

    do any of you contribute more then just bad lip? or all of you as much a waste of space that you seem?

  21. lol at the skiddies who act all knowing. I tell you what, instead of berating and flaming people who take the time to post articles why dont you start your own website and blog your own hacks..

    Oh, you cant thats right because 9 out of 10 of you are nothing more then script kiddies acting like ub3r 313373 h4x0rs. pfft, get a life

  22. Sorry, not everyone is lucky enough to spend all their computer time developing the future like all the naggers on here. Some of us have to do other important work tha tdoesn’t require rewritting programs. Also, some of us do have to start somewhere when trying new ( to us ) things and any tutorial can be helpful.

  23. Hi guys i might be a little late but wouldn’t it be possible to share gpu like folder at home to crack a wpa password? Just wandering if we could split the task the same way we spilt file on p2p sharing?

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