Meter clock with pleasing design considerations

[AndyO] embraced his inner geek by building this meter clock. It exhibits a lot of features that you’d want to see in a home-built timepiece, include over-complexity, abundant features, and RGB LEDs. We’re fascinated by the design he put into this. For instance, the two indicator LEDs on the clock face are not poking through the surface, but use brass tubes as light pipes. Also, the three buttons on the top are almost indistinguishable, and have an RGB back light that places a halo around each. The case itself was built by first making a form, then laminating thin sheets of wood (a difficult task due to the tight curves). The needles themselves are not actually meters, like the clock the inspired the build, but are attached to servo motors. This all comes together into a fascinating build, and a great writeup.

[Thanks Graham]


  1. mess_maker says:

    I am impressed by the design. I, for some reason, have been wanting to build clocks and timers and that is the reason I have been learning Atmel AVR’s. This is a cool project that shows off some decent wood working skills, and a clean design. I will have to look a little more into it, but my initial impression is that it is very cool :)

  2. BlackCow says:

    This is a work of art, I love it :-)

    In b4 people complain about this being a clock project.

  3. alan says:

    I would love to see a massive scale of this on a wall. would be quite interesting.

  4. vonskippy says:

    Sure, now you guys are just taunting me.

    Nice build tho (for a clock).

  5. mowcius says:

    Very nice build. I love it.

    Shame the grammar isn’t so great in the article.

    I tried to stay away from comments like this but it seems to be getting more and more common that articles do not appear to be proof read (by someone else – you never notice your own mistakes).


  6. HackerK says:

    COOL! A PIC project! :)

  7. M4CGYV3R says:

    I think that’s the most accurate title I’ve ever seen on HAD.

  8. Mike says:

    Clock hacks (45)
    Beer hacks (13)

    Priorities: confused.

  9. andrew says:

    Nice looking case

  10. Bill Porter says:

    Do PICs not have an internal IO pull-up resistor? If so, why did he wire the push buttons to VCC with an external pull down? Seems redundant.

  11. @Bill Porter
    they are only available on PORTB, and these switches are on PORTC :)

  12. Adolf says:

  13. Mike Summers says:

    Beautiful clock, but I’d really like to see someone build a meter clock with analog rather than digital parts… I fear that’s too old-school though.

  14. Lars says:

    Thanks for giving me an idea for my next hifi enclosure! :)

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