A custom Starcraft keyboard


What do you do if you’re looking for a project, but don’t know what to do? If you’re [gltovar], just look around at your hobbies. He’s been playing Starcraft for a while and finally decided to build a custom Starcraft keyboard.

[gltovar] came across an interesting keyboard layout known as TheCore. Ostensibly, this layout allows the player faster access to the commands most used when playing Starcraft. [gltovar] decided he needed a keyboard specifically designed for TheCore, and set about making one of his own design.

The keyboard matrix is designed around a 1×5 row of keys, each attached to a Teensy microcontroller acting as a USB device. Each of these rows are a separate circuit board, allowing [gltovar] to move the rows up and down ergonomically in a custom enclosure.

It’s everything [gltovar] wanted in a custom keyboard. Whether it improves his Starcraft game is another story entirely, but we’re sure he’s at least having fun.


  1. akismet-58e88a443f3192ed96905c54ed1f6436 says:

    Some more stuff about it here
    git hub link is here:


    image gallery is here:

    There is a forum post on geekhack (keyboard enthusiast forum)


  2. kdm says:

    why can’t i +1 this post?

  3. Eirinn says:

    There are a few commercial products that do this already (or somewhat similar) like the razer orb. Props however for rolling his own :)

  4. Augur says:

    This would be a good idea for Stronghold 2.. Sweet!

  5. smee says:

    I love that the columns slide. When I play my keyboard is massively angled so I don’t have to curl my hands into a claw and pound on my fingertips.

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