X-Wing Tri-Rotor Brings Star Wars to Life


Once you realize you can make almost anything fly if you strap a big enough prop and motor to it, you really start thinking outside of the box. That’s what [Rodger] did and he’s come up with this very impressive 19lb, 5′ long X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars.

Recently [Rodger] has found new joy in making movie props come to life with the help of today’s technology. He started with Project Thunderball — a flying James Bond mannequin with a jet pack. From there he brought us the Marty McFly working hover-board, and now an X-Wing Fighter, his biggest flying machine yet.

It measures about 5 feet long, and is a tri-rotor design with three 100A ESCs, 1200W 1050KV motors, and 12″ rotors. The frame is made of PVC to conserve weight. Since it’s a tri-rotor with true vectored thrust, the X-Wing features much better yaw than quadrotors. Then only problem is it pivots around the odd prop out, meaning in this case, the X-Wing turns on its nose — instead of its tail.

Regardless, we can’t wait to see what [Rodger] tries flying next! Stick around to see the X-Wing in action.


  1. Telek says:

    Pretty cool!

    1050KV motors?! 1.05 Million Volts? We don’t have enough gigajoules for that! :-)
    (yes I know it’s a model)

    Also the description says 850W motors, not 1200W.

    Did he redirect his website to youtube to avoid the HaD effect?

  2. Hirudinea says:

    “Regardless, we can’t wait to see what [Rodger] tries flying next!”

    Well it’s gotta be a TIE fighter, obviously.

  3. wretch says:

    Someone should make a TIE Advanced model and chase that rebel X-Wing around the building complex. (c:

  4. Staltus says:

    Needed an fpv and fly it down that alley aiming at a dumpster in the end, Homemade trench run.

  5. Tim says:

    Almost sounds like a landspeeder with the rotor whine. Tool cool for sure, I would be fun to see the frame filled in with some lightweight sheet material so I could blur my eyes and imagine my original SW toys taking flight. Where does this guy find the time (jealous)?

  6. Steven says:

    As my uncle use to say: “Given sufficient thrust, pigs fly quite well”.

  7. Aztraph says:

    Cover your exhaust ports! It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  8. echodelta says:

    Schedule 21 I presume? Here come the PVC police. We’ll just duck in this bar.

  9. Galane says:

    It needs a pusher prop for some speed.

  10. Dave M says:

    sued by lucas in 3.. 2..

  11. Lwatcdr says:

    PVC is not the material to use to save weight.

  12. piotrsko says:

    Stand really far off sort of scale?

  13. Rob says:

    I really wish I could be impressed by this. I really do.

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