X-Wing Tri-Rotor Brings Star Wars to Life


Once you realize you can make almost anything fly if you strap a big enough prop and motor to it, you really start thinking outside of the box. That’s what [Rodger] did and he’s come up with this very impressive 19lb, 5′ long X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars.

Recently [Rodger] has found new joy in making movie props come to life with the help of today’s technology. He started with Project Thunderball — a flying James Bond mannequin with a jet pack. From there he brought us the Marty McFly working hover-board, and now an X-Wing Fighter, his biggest flying machine yet.

It measures about 5 feet long, and is a tri-rotor design with three 100A ESCs, 1200W 1050KV motors, and 12″ rotors. The frame is made of PVC to conserve weight. Since it’s a tri-rotor with true vectored thrust, the X-Wing features much better yaw than quadrotors. Then only problem is it pivots around the odd prop out, meaning in this case, the X-Wing turns on its nose — instead of its tail.

Regardless, we can’t wait to see what [Rodger] tries flying next! Stick around to see the X-Wing in action.

25 thoughts on “X-Wing Tri-Rotor Brings Star Wars to Life

  1. Pretty cool!

    1050KV motors?! 1.05 Million Volts? We don’t have enough gigajoules for that! :-)
    (yes I know it’s a model)

    Also the description says 850W motors, not 1200W.

    Did he redirect his website to youtube to avoid the HaD effect?

  2. “Regardless, we can’t wait to see what [Rodger] tries flying next!”

    Well it’s gotta be a TIE fighter, obviously.

  3. Almost sounds like a landspeeder with the rotor whine. Tool cool for sure, I would be fun to see the frame filled in with some lightweight sheet material so I could blur my eyes and imagine my original SW toys taking flight. Where does this guy find the time (jealous)?

    1. “lightweight sheet material” read that as lightweight sheet metal. Was puzzled. Then thought aluminum foil. Might actually be a good choice.

    1. Indeed. Lucas was pretty open with this stuff. Hell, he handed out awards for the best fanfilms.
      Disney’s probably going to be tighter with this stuff.

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