MIDIbox SID — Serious C64 Sound

c64 midi box

sign-language sent us a link to some instructions for turning your old commodore’s sid chip into a midi controlled synth capapble of pumping more grooves than you ever thought possible.  i was really excited to post a commodore hack, but then i scrolled down and saw this image.  c64 slayings are really hard for me to stomach.

let’s keep it clean, folks.

11 thoughts on “MIDIbox SID — Serious C64 Sound

  1. I used mine to light a cigar… right before I threw the flaming wreckage out the window. I shall never miss the days of having to spend hours typing out the code before I can play a game.

  2. why ruin a bunch of old c64’s to make something he could have bought for a few bucks anyway.. it’s a shame to ruin them, can’t exactally go to the store and get one anymore, it’s like seeing a ’68 camero used to make a microwave oven.

  3. Why? No, why would you be so worried about a commodore 64? They are a dime a dozen everywhere I look. I have played around with many synths in studio and on the road. This setup outperforms and sounds better than the original equipment. This is like having a roland 303/606/808 all combined. I picked up 5 of these C64’s for $5-$10 each, some work and some don’t, but the SID’s are all ok. I’m only using 1 of the cases so the others I’m going to ram a new computer in there, stack em up and make web servers outta em. Theres no waste but the really slow and old computing, which gets recycled. Oh, a synth you cannot buy for a few bucks (try $1000 on the low end) and what you can buy does not and will never sound as good as the chopped C64 sids.

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