How-to: PSP 2.00-2.60 homebrew with eLoader

Thanks go to sometimes hacker, C.K. Sample, III, author of PSP Hacks for contributing this how-to.

So you’ve heard about this homebrew thing that all the cool kids have been doing, but you have already upgraded to version 2.6 of the firmware so that you could play all the latest and greatest games on the PSP. Fortunately for you, some very diligent hackers have been working round the clock to discover ways to get around the limitations put in place by the latest firmware.

The solution isn’t in the form of a downgrader, but rather in the form of an eLoader (EBOOT loader) that lets you use Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories to run homebrew on a PSP with version 2.0, 2.01, 2.5, and 2.6 of the firmware. Not all homebrew will run via this method, but there is a rather easy to read compatibility chart and I’m sure more things will begin working in future releases of the eLoader.

To help you along in your quest to homebrew, here’s a step by step (with pictures!) guide to using the eLoader:

  1. Get your hands on a PSP running firmware 2.0-2.6 and a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

  2. Download and decompress the eLoader [via PSP Updates].

  3. Connect your PSP to your computer or mount your Memory Stick on your computer via a card reader.

  4. When you open up your Memory Stick on your computer you will see a variety of folders including MP_ROOT and PSP. PSP is the one we will be using.

  5. Drag your PSP folder on your Memory Stick to a local hard drive as a backup (it’s always good to backup).

  6. Open the PSP folder on the Memory Stick.

  7. Open up the PSP folder contained in the eLoader folder. You will see two folders: GAME and SAVEDATA. If you look inside the PSP folder on your Memory Stick, you will see the same two folders. We don’t want to replace those folders, but rather add the contents of the two together.

  8. Open up the GAME folder of the eLoader and drag the contents of that folder into the GAME folder on your Memory Stick.

  9. Open the SAVEDATA folder of the eLoader and drag the contents of that folder over to the SAVEDATA folder on your Memory Stick. If one of the files pops up with a “Replace existing file” or some such error, then this means that you already had a GTA save file in slot 5. Click replace (as you backed up the file in step 5).eload

  10. Unmount the Memory Stick / your PSP.

  11. Start up Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. After it loads, select Load Game and choose the eLoader savegame.gta

  12. The eLoader will launch. Use the directional pad to select a homebrew app and hit the X button to attempt launching it. As noted before, not all homebrew apps currently work, so some will crash your PSP and you will have to restart it. Enjoy your homebrew!eload

Unfortunately, none of the homebrew apps that are my favorites currently run via this exploit (fortunately, I have another PSP rocking firmware version 1.5), so make sure you grab one of the compatible ones before you start this exploit. As always, this exploit *shouldn’t* risk harming your PSP, as it doesn’t mess with your firmware at all, however, use at your own risk.

Once you are done homebrewing, if you want to play GTA and it keeps autoloading the eLoader, simply delete the eLoader from your Memory Stick. You can do this from your PSP by hitting the Start button in the eLoader, which Quits the game and returns you to the PSP’s game menu. Navigate to the Saved Data Utility, select each of the eLoader GTA beta files (there should be three of them), hit the Triangle button, select Delete from the side menu that pops up, and hit the X button to delete. Do this for each of the files. Have fun!

149 thoughts on “How-to: PSP 2.00-2.60 homebrew with eLoader

  1. as for the guy that was wondering if this works with the burnout.. i have burnout and i will try it. dont think it will work since i think it is using some code from edison carters gta cheat device but no sense in not giving it a shot.
    I will up date with the answer

  2. guys i think that fanjitas list of working and notworking homebrew games and emulators isnt accurate. because soem of the games like chess work but others dont but his list says they sould work. Its the same thing with the emulators and apps. i hope he updates the list soon.

  3. i couldn’t get the eloader to work with burnout, but if anyone else tries and gets it to work let me know that would be cool… cause burnout has less loading time and i could start my homebrew quicker.

    and as for the snes emulator go to that same site and look at the list of games for the eloader and one of those snes emulators has a link. download that one. it has instructions included on where to put it on the memory stick. I tried it with mario allstars and it worked. also you have to mess with the settings on that emulator. the default ones seem to slow or choppy… the frameskip stuff and the cpu speed fix that problem though.

  4. hey! the GTA eloader by fanjita works on my psp V2.6.snes9x works on the GTA eloader and i have gotten all of my snes roms to work but none consistantly. Will someone who knows exactly where to put the roms please help me? that is all i need. email me for help or answers with emulation on the psp v2.6

  5. nevermind, i found out that the eloader i have for version 2.6 doesn’t work every time and fanjita is still trying to crack this. it usually works about once for every three or four times you try it. i dont care though cuz i got homebrew on my 2.6. Fanjita’s the man!! hope there’s a new version eloader coming soon.

  6. Wen i try and set this up on my PSP, i have no game folder in my memory stick??? the only folders i have are savedata and browser!!!Any1 know wats wrong or where im goin wrong? any help would be much obliged!!

  7. what i found out is that if you go onto grand theft auto and then you choose a hack it doesnt usally work the first time but when ur psp shuts off and you try the same homebrew game again it will work

  8. Is there a way to interface ur PSP games wit ur PS2 games that are the same and use the same info off ur PS2 on PSP? Will that homebrew play iso games if so please hook me up wit the info thankz

  9. all of you have a lot of questions about this that were already answered. read over the big long message thet the guy from the fanjita website and that will tell u what to do. and also you need liberty city stories to run this(it wont work with any other game as of now). and yes you do need to get your own homebrew for this. it doesnt come with the homebrew already on it. there is a link above in the article that will bring you to along list of working and non working games for this e-loader. some of the games even have links to make your lives easier.if you have any other questions just ask them and ill try and answee them.

  10. How to I get the psp ISO files to work after I have put the homebrew onto my psp, I can get the eloader to work but not the games, where do I put the games on the memstick, and will all gams work or just a select few?

  11. it works for me but crashes after 5 seconds. I think i will just hurry up and click on what i want to load before it dissapears, does anyone know wxactly where that snes emulator is? And where do you place the roms, i have a ton of roms but i need to know where to place them, dont e-mail me post it so every1 can see it

  12. Would Someone PLEASE tell me why it keeps telling me that I have corrupted data and therefore wont load? Can anyone let me know what I have done wrong?
    Someone who really wants this to work for her PSP since I was up hours last night trying to figure out why! :)

  13. Hey, Uh I need help…I got everything to work up until the screen, (the one it shows after step 12 at the top of this page) but theres only one choise in the box, and it says PSP UPDATE VER 2.6, and if I choose that it just turns of the in a few seconds… how do I get the other homebrew options to come up in the list? thnks

  14. hi i have recently downloaded the e-loader and did exactly what the instructions said several times but i keep getting a message saying couldn’t open EBOOT.PBP:8002032C can anyone help please

  15. i did everything that the fanjita long message said and it still doesnt work. i have version 2.00 and i load the eloader. it still just comes up and turns off my psp. can anyone help me?

  16. need help downloaded brown ale to my 2.6 psp. Started up gta lcs went to save location and selected brown ale. eloader screen appeared a few seconds later showing a white psp and a menu box. Problem: menu box was empty and I got no response from psp buttons a few seconds later the psp turned off. has anyone experienced this? can anyone help? Thanks

  17. hello all, i have a 2.60 psp and i was devistated when i found out there was no downgrade. This exploit has made my day, but im having problems with runing roms everything else works but when i click on the rom i want to run the psp freezes and then dies. if any one has information on how to fix my problem please e-mail me at thanks so much and props to the people at you guys are awsome.

  18. oh my goodness! It worked! Ok im here to help you guys,I have a psp with firmware 2.6! I will roubleshoot getting this to work. It’s simple after you get it working. I got PSPRhythm to work the first time i tried. Here are my valuable instructions,

    1. First, you must download the e-loader.
    2. Now, you hook up your psp by the usb cable.
    3. Mix the files of e-loader with psp like the main instructions at the top of the page says.
    4. Now follow these steps to test your e-loader, download PSPRythm and place the PSPRhythm files into you GAME folder.
    5. You NEED Grand Theft Auto for PSP to do this, if you don’t, this won’t work.
    6. Start up your Gta game on your psp. If it does’nt automatically load the e-loader game, load it yourself.
    7. If the e-loader has PSP-Rhythm in the box to the left when you reach the e-loader, you’ve done it correctly. You may have to retry a couple of times.
    8. I have verified that this does indeed work on PSPRhythm.

  19. Great news guys, I just tested the snes9x emulatr. It accually works! Unbelievable. I’m playing final fantasy 2 right now! Don’t woory! I’ve figured it all out. To use the snes emulator, follow the instructions at the top of this page and download the snes emulator. Place the snes emulator in your GAME folder. Now, place the roms that you want to use in your GAME folder also. Go to for alot of free roms without you even having to sign up. Once you have placed the roms in your GAME folder. Start up your e-loader. It should pop up on the e-loader menu. Once you start it, sometimes it might make the screen black for a while, then cut your psp off. Be persistent. It should work most of the time. If it successfully launches, a screen will come up with a list. It will have two periods at the top of the list. Under that, will be a folder named “SAVE/” Under the Save file will be located all the roms on your PSP. Remember to put them in the game folder. I have tested quite a few roms. They all worked. Even though multiple ROM files are supported, I would recommend snes roms with “SMC” as thier file extension. It will be slow at first, I know. For best performance, move your analog stick to the left when a rom is playing, Find a setting that says PSPClock. Adjust the setting of the pspclock to 266MHz. The number should turn yellow when you do this. You must use the circle button on your psp as the x button. This means that the circle button means go, the x button means back. After you set the PSPClock, press X in this menu to exit it. Now, move your analog stick up until you get to a message that says “FrameSkip: 5”. Now you can enjoy your game. I have confirmed that the Snes9x homebrew works on firmware 2.6 if done properly.

  20. my bad yall, I made a mistake about where to place your roms for the snes9x emulator. You accually place them in the snes9x folder in your game folder. Remember when I told you to download the snes9x emulator? Yes you place the roms in the folder named “uo_Snes9x_002y32” that should have been in the GAME folder if you put Snes9x on your psp correctly. The first step to this is to see if Snes9x pops up on your e-loader before you woory about the roms to work. Remember, don’t place your snes roms directly into the GAME folder, but instead, place them in your “uo_Snes9x_002y32” folder which should be located in the games folder. If this is too confusing for you, you can e-mail me at

  21. eloader work just with Snes emulator in this time . download snes emulator(uo_Snes9x_002y32)
    from “” in download menu “emulators” .
    put the emulator in the mem stick in game folder then put the snes roms in the emulator folder in the memory stick “you can download snes games from “”.
    the emulator will be in the eloader menu press “X” to start the emulator . sometimes the emulator doesn’t work. try again and again from restart the Psp.

  22. ok so this hack will play public software when are we going to see the real hack to play psp
    alot of us are waiting ..people who have
    the v2.50 and v2.60 …cant play psp stuff
    if it cant be hacked then its shit to every one

  23. Okay, so please help me out here. You can put emulators like SNES and Sega Master System on a PSP with 2.60 and it will work with GTA, right? So what is all of this talk about ISOs only running one version 1.5?

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