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  1. The MJ clone isn’t a bad headphone amp… but pretty far behind the state of the art in DIY work. Since then a whole raft of other tube headamps have been developed… some with superior performance and many that are much easier to build.

    I think the only that has received a full write-up is the SOHA (http://headwize.com/projects/cavalli2_prj.php) which is a low-voltage hybrid design that IIRC is not as well thought of as the MJ. But there are several other new designs out there…. dig around headwize forums if you want more info.

    Also here is the original cmoy headamp link: http://headwize.com/projects/showfile.php?file=cmoy2_prj.htm . Not a bad amp for how simple/cheap it is but mine doesn’t get much use since I built a PIMETA a few years back.

  2. oh please, take it one step further & make a tube based ipod dock! what is there is already great!

    but i once put my ipod thru my friends old tube stereo system & was amazed @ the warmth of sound!

  3. I highly recomend building a headphone amp. My first was a CMoy which I still use as a portable amp. My newest is the SOHA that blip posted and I highly recomend it. Combined with my Sennheiser HD555’s, its probably the best sound I’ve ever heard (granted there are MUCH better and MUCH more expensive setups out there, I just don’t have access to them yet).

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