Thursday Mini-extra

[Russ] sent in his Great Pumpkin computer case mod. (Non-biodegradable)

[Nuke] sent in his $10 ipod dock. It makes me think of doom for some reason.

[phnx] sent in this amusing case mod.

These have been around, but they’re excellent, so deal. has a couple of great pumpkins.
Check out the Cylon Jackolantern and the R/C Dalek Pumpkin

[Daedalus] sent in this one – adsl via sound card. 96kbs. The sound card is interfaced
with an audio transformer to the line at each end.

And this one just came in from [Eric]. Make a magsafe connector for thinkpads! Awesome.

11 thoughts on “Thursday Mini-extra

  1. ‘ “It is not compatible with standard central office ADSL equipment, but requires a soundcard-equipped PC at both ends of the “last mile” copper connection.”

    That means it is totally useless….’

    Unless you were to have a mile of copper wire and two computers.

    On 2nd thought you’re right, no one on HaD would have that kind of kit just lying about.

    It would have been cool back in the day, I’m wondering if you can pull 96kbps with that over an acoustic coupling* via a normal phone call. Perhaps a cellphone and asterisk?

    *(not the widget that holds the handset, i mean it in a general term like an rj-11 -> headphone jack dealie)

  2. “9. yaay HAD extras!

    and double yaay for an ipod hack that doesn’t require you to have a nano, shuffle or 5G! some of us still have and love our perfectly-fine* 4G’s.

    *except for gapless albums :(

    Posted at 12:13AM o”

    Umm… open your EYES. That’s a 5g video iPod. doooyyyyyyy

  3. Oh god I feel a rant coming on…

    #1, the Ipod dock was made for under $10, which is probbably pretty good because iPod docks probbably cost $50 upwards if they are available, and it looks like a bad shot of the paint job, but it would have been better had a darker coat, primer and sanding…

    #2 yes it is old… so what?

    #3 yes, that is pot in there, it is technically a PC mod, just the reverse of what you might think it is. Some people smoke pot, I dont, but if you wanna grow it in an old PC case (which is probbably a good hidable area) so what?

    #4 I believe there would be, I saw a TV show with it once, but you’d need some resistors or something (I’m no good at electronics) but google it up and hope you find something :)

    #5 If my exchange is ADSL equipped, and my friends is too, we could get a 96kbps line between our houses for an STD call (I think), although pointless when internet is becoming cheaper, still cool, and probbably better for not-so-legal activites that ISP’s dont like…

    #7 Err, how pointless, go spam some neopets boards or something

    #8 read my reply on #5

    #9 all non-flash based Ipods suck. Period. Flash memory owns them

    #10 well done noticing that, but there still relatively the same size

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