Ben Heck’s Wii Laptop On Engadget

[Ben Heckendorn] put together this little beauty on engadget. It’s not quite as over the top as the XBox 360 laptop, but there’s a reason for that. He’ll be putting up a How-To series covering the construction. If you’ve been pondering building a portable yourself, it’ll be a nice jump start for your hardware hacking skill-base.

21 thoughts on “Ben Heck’s Wii Laptop On Engadget

  1. neat, yes but no where near as nice or as clean as the xbox360. dont get me wrong it is a cool mod, however after seeing all his previous work this one is lackluster at best. Look at the way the AV ports shoot out the right hand side and are not flush at all. Also the way the minotor housing isn’t made to be flush with the top. compared the the xbox360 laptop this is just kinda half hearted together it looks. I’m sorta disappointed in this one.

  2. The composite-only video is very odd, considering that the Wii composite cable can be used as a component cable simply by switching the pins around on the connector.

    Having a slide switch to go between composite and component output (assuming he wanted to only have one set of RCA jacks) would probably have been one of the easiest parts of the whole mod.

  3. looks a little bulky, considering the relativly small size of the wii…

    Also, while i understand the novelty of making something portable, there are next to no places you’d ever be able to play it where you wouldn’t be just as well of with a stock wii. Although by nature the wii could never really be fully portable due to the need for the console (through the sensor bar) to act as a referece point, without batteries, the only difference between this and a stock wii is the 7″ screen , which, given the distances and movement necisary to operate the controler comfortably, would be practically unuseable

  4. The design lets this down, which is most unfortunate as Ben’s other projects kick ass. ‘Laptop’ – I don’t really see you putting this on your lap. Should have just integrated the monitor (a bigger monitor) into it rather than having it flip up. Then you can just stand it up, have a better view and it wouldn’t look so ugly. Should have just used 1 plastic rounded casing for all of the components, including monitor.

  5. I think the reason that this one looks subpar is that he is planning to have people replicate it, so he couldn’t do as much of the insanly complex work that he normally does.

    “Starting next Tuesday we’ll be doing a multi-part How-To with detailed instructions for building your own Wii laptop, as well as loads of photos of the construction process.”

  6. I can see it now. You’re bored on the quad at college, whip out your wii laptop, step back a couple feet to get your game on, and BAM!!! Someone runs by and scoops up your new toy. Bye bye blackbird eh.?

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