How-to: Make Your Own XBox 360 Laptop (Part 3)

[Ben] finally got part 3 of his XBox 360 laptop how-to finished up. This is the final piece of the series. He spends it covering wiring up the ports, buttons, keyboard and final assembly. There are plenty of shops that handle special order laser cutting – so don’t begin to think that this sort of project is out of your class. If you’ve ever built a model car and can handle a soldering iron, you can definitely build one of these on your own.

I was just checking for this final piece this morning – but props to [Tony] for noticing it first.

15 thoughts on “How-to: Make Your Own XBox 360 Laptop (Part 3)

  1. wow great tutorial …….hey just a question hope no one gets banned from live while doing that i know its jsut when modding ur console but they have been cases where people have got banned without modding soo who knows.

  2. no they have some way because people who have even connected there xbox360 to pc openeing the case have been banned so , its ur risk if u dnt belive me go and check

  3. fuckin the gayest thing ive ever seen. why waste your time makin a box into a top….thats the biggest waste of time you could do…fuckin a man if your smart enough to take the 360 to that kinda level you might as well work on something that can bring everyone some enjoyment other that makin something that is small even smaller. wow i consider you god just cuz you make something smaller whaile optimizing some vents. wow your like a homboy i know that does hvac. nothin cool there just common sense…. spend your time on some better ventures. make your self rich, cuz with your smarts i know you can… and fron there make $$$ out the ass cuz you can….and then share your experience with the crowd so we may actually learn something usefull from you…… but i do have to say good work… im not knockin you…just sayin it would be nice to see something not so completely useless. (sorry)

  4. ok,wish I had the brains/money/time/.. to do that, that’s just awesome

    @ damasta:
    first, learn to speak properly, then complain.
    secondly, you complain that he’s wasting his time,
    just because you can’t make a 360laptop, doens’t mean that he shouldn’t make one
    finally, you say this project is completely useless, I wonder what you think about your own comments then

  5. I think this is one damn piece of work! Why sit at home and play the upcoming HALO 3 when you can take it anywhere and everywhere!!??! THAT’S PURE AWSOMNESS.

    PS: I think that guy who’s dissing this project should be shot.

  6. Fuck y do people gotta say shit about everything on the internet. some people just like to use there hands, im doin this project with the tutorial because i want a portable 360 and i wanna learn and have fun doin it and then after i can show it off, i see it as a goal and acomplishment, i dont giva a fuck if u dont like it so y r u comentin everybody has got there thing

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