Wiimote head tracking desktop VR display

If you thought [Johnny Lee] was done making us all buy Wiimotes, you were wrong. Now he’s back showing off a simple, but incredibly effective VR head tracker. He swapped out the LED’s on a pair of LED light safety glasses with a set of IR LEDs and used his PC/Wiimote combo to do the work. The demo is just fantastic. As usual, you can download the software from his project page.

93 thoughts on “Wiimote head tracking desktop VR display

  1. wow amazing to good for words to describe this is obviously the next step in FPS games
    maybe you can mod this to work with the homebrew DOOM game if you could it would give games a whole new perspective

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  3. i’d really like to see this sort of tech being used in FPS games like unreal tournement. i think it would be real nice to be able to peek around corners and whatnot just by moving your head. my biggest gripe with FPSes in general is many either dont have any way to peek around a corner or their implementation simply blows goats. also expanding/contracting the field of vision based on this would make annoying tasks like judging distance for jumping from one platform to another a much more intuative thing.

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    OK YES

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