Laser based night light

[the4est] put together this quick how to for making a laser based light bulb night light. First, you need to break out the black glass base of the bulb and remove the filament. Scrub the inside of the bulb and pour in the paraffin. Once it sets, you can break the glass, leaving a solid wax bulb. Hollow out the inside, insert a laser pointer, and you’ll have fine glowing night light.

5 thoughts on “Laser based night light

  1. ulgh, red laser light just kinda hurts my eyes after a while. I gave a 2 hour presentation one time with a laser on a matte presentation screen and I ended up having the worst headache. Maybe have a green and a blue* to balance it out?

    *those are still really expensive aren’t they?

  2. It seems that the lightbulb is becoming the next altoids tin on instructables- we’ve had a lightbulb greenhouse, lightbulb aquarium, plenty of lightbulb lights (including a very quick replica of those horribly expensive oil lamps)…

    this appears to be a simple way of diffusing monochromatic light, whatever you might want to do that for.

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