We think that in honor of the DuinoStamp’s small size and big power, the post about it should also be small and powerful. About the size of 34-pin DIP, the DuinoStamp is a breakout board that fits in DIP sockets and is Arduino compatible. It features an ATmega 168-20PU chip, a 16MHz resonator, decoupling capacitors and more. It doesn’t come with the necessary 5V power supply or any kind of interface cable, but what do you expect for under $10?

4 thoughts on “DuinoStamp

  1. arduino is great because of the software, not the hardware. i never bought an arduino board, but i use the atmega 168’s all the time with the arduino bootloader and ide. i used to use a paralel port icsp programmer, and “bricked” chips occasionally. (wrong fuse bits or whatever) using the bootloader and a fdti cable is much more convenient and forgiving.

  2. is this another add ??
    wow … this site has gone down hill

    Juan Aguilar i hope you are getting cash for this.
    i know i would want loads of cash if i was selling out a wonderful site.

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