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Adafruit Industries just announced their next kit: a SIM card reader. Using the kit, you can read or write any SIM card. You could use this for fun things like recovering deleted contacts and SMS messages. The kit looks like a very straight forward design (based on [Dejan]’s work); the only chip is a hex inverter and the board is powered by a regulated 9V battery. With all through-hole components, it should be easy to assemble. You can talk to it using the board mounted serial port or connect to the extra pin header using an FTDI USB cable just like the Boarduino. The FTDI option is bus powered, so you won’t need the battery. [ladyada] has collected some resources in case you want to learn more about smart cards.

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  1. mmm, not quite sure where you saw this was announced. :)
    the kit isn’t available yet, i havent posted about it on my forums or blog and the documentation isnt complete. the kit will be announced on friday, at HOPE, until then ive deleted the webpage (which is what i use to debug under various browsers while its being written) and the flickr photo (which i use to create mouseovers for the site)

    i would appreciate if this post was removed until then. thanks!

  2. this is twice that something is posted that the product is not available for sale.

    i wonder if maybe someone has set up a bogus site with photoshopped images just to collect from the get paid per click system.

    note to hack a day board: you may want to start verifying posts to make sure products are available for sale before allowing it to get posted to prevent bogus posts

  3. forget about cloning, there are no comp128v1 cards on the market right now, at least not in Europe, they were all pulled off the market like 7-10 years ago.
    Things like a scene from Bourne movie when he clones sim card in 10 second are a total sci-fi

  4. Bought the kit today at hope and just finished assembling it , the software may be buggy i tried reading my at&t card and i got an error but im tired and ill try to look at the code tomorrow

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 267, in buttonConnectReader
    File “pySIMserial.pyc”, line 111, in connectReader
    File “pySIMserial.pyc”, line 143, in openSession
    File “serial\serialutil.pyc”, line 166, in __init__
    File “serial\serialwin32.pyc”, line 49, in open
    serial.serialutil.SerialException: could not open port COM4: (5, ‘CreateFile’, ‘Access is denied.’)

  5. Ok, I’m very computer illiterate!! Will I be able to read deleted texts with this? Also does it just plug into a USB port? I tried to find a contact link on the website, but was unsuccessful. Thanks for any help.

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    Does some one know what is happening around me?
    I really appreciate your opinions.
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  7. ok, i gave a review about the P.O.S. from brickhouse and how it didnt work, but that was because my phone wasn’t saving the sms messages to the sim card. then i found the Cell Phone Investigator Kit at and it recovered everything from the phones internal memory – my husband had sent and deleted a bunch of nasty text messages to a girl he works with, and then pictures of his D&$#, and the thing got em all back. here’s the site – – go to Cell Phone Tools and Paraben’s Cell Phone Investigator Kit

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