Internal Wireless Mouse On A Dell Mini 9

[strider_mt2k] sent in this new Dell Mini 9 hack. After seeing the recent GPS in a Dell Mini9 project, he decided to jump in and do some hacking of his own. His idea was to integrate his Logitech wireless mouse receiver internally. He basically added an internal usb port, allowing for future replacements if the mouse should it get broken or upgraded. The final result is completely hidden. There was plenty of space in the case, so there’s no bulge at all.

5 thoughts on “Internal Wireless Mouse On A Dell Mini 9

  1. I wonder when some bright hacker will put USB hub and BT/Wifi onboard a jack so that you can simply desolder the old jack and add a new jack that comes with the functions :).

    Seems like it would be a welcome toy, even if it was on a ribbon cable to the hub.

  2. Because those traces are _right_there_, man! LOL

    Now that I’ve gotten the power leads run it would be a simple matter to drop in a hub, but I don’t really have a reason to install one yet.
    why draw the extra power?

    This is cool for me for now.

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