Bicycling In The Fall


Every year, as it gets cold, many of us put our faithful two wheeled companion away for the winter.  Despite that, there have been a veritable smorgasbord of bicycle related projects posted to instructables this last week. In honor of our human powered transportation, lets take a peak at a few projects.

Bicycle safety is always paramount. They can be fairly difficult to see compared to a car. There are many ways to make them easier to spot, such as wrapping them in reflective material, or adding blinking tail lights. Even if people do see us, they often have no idea where we are planning on going. To remedy this, we can always add turn signals. It can also be hard to see where you are going at times. Adding a head light, or helmet light can really help. If you’re not a big fan of LEDs and want a little retro flair, you can always add an oil lamp.

For those who live in warmer climates, or just can’t give up their bicycles, you may wish to add some festive decorations. Covering your bike in Christmas lights doesn’t look too difficult, and a CFL lit wheel is a cheap way of adding some cool effects.

10 thoughts on “Bicycling In The Fall

  1. My bike is easy to see day and night. I have a pair of 3V red led’s blinking away on the rear. I blind people in the daytime for miles. Same in white in the front. as well as a 1/2W one at the top of the flag waving away.

    My problem is the huge number of stupid drivers that think they can simply run you over at an intersection because they have the right away and you are stopping them from turning a corner.

  2. @fartface

    just lean into their car and give them a good scratching as they go around… if they give you crap, tell them to call the cops. once the cops come to sort it out, you were ahead and they cut the corner too close and hit you. sucks to be them.

    oh yeah… metal brake handles mounted to stick out just past the straight handlebars make this trick much easier.

  3. @anonymous/beb: what are your definitions of hack? they look like creative repurposing of technology to me, so unless your definition of hack came from the film “hackers” I don’t see the problem. if you must complain about “this isn’t a hack”, save it for the news posts about space vehicles or university robotics projects or something.

  4. LEDS must not be a hack … my bike has a 6 function LED tail light and a led strobe on the front … not to mention it is an all homebuilt full electric bike named after the master of lightening … guess its not good enough LMAO <_<

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