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Adafruit has just put their Uzebox based console into production. The Fuzebox is an 8bit game console based around the ATmega644-20PU microcontroller. Full 256 color 240×224 resolution video output is provide by either a composite connection or svideo. There is an SD card slot on board for future expansion. The chip takes care of all the I/O, so you just need to write your game code in C on top of it.

The kit looks easy to assemble. Almost all of the components are through-hole. The video chip is SMD and comes presoldered to the board. The kit has two SNES controller ports included, but you can use NES ports too. There are three ways you can load your program onto the board: 6pin FTDI, ICSP10, and ICSP6.

14 thoughts on “Fuzebox, Open Source Gaming

  1. Oh man this looks awesome! I hope they release a version for the Krave by Motorola. Ever since I started working with Motorola I have became a huge fan of the phone (motorola.com/krave). With a full list of features, like a full touch screen, I can’t stop obsessing over it.


  2. This thing would be awesome with a RISC based core that had some multimedia instruction sets.

    I suppose if you want to learn about coding efficiently and/or vectorization this might come in handy.

    I bought the SBC kit from Quasar Electronics years back and did a spinning poly box demo and haven’t touched it since. There is only so much you can do with a Z80 core and 64K of RAM; especially with no hardware accelerated algorithms.

  3. The fact that what seems to be the same device is alternatley called “Fuzebax” and “Uzebox” leaves me in terminal confusion. Or would that be conusion? In any case, I’d be quickly shoving this onto my birthday or Christmas list if I didn’t still have a GP2X I’m yet to fix or do anything substatial with. Although, I’d rather have the memory slot on the front or top.

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