BackTrack 4 Beta released


The Remote Exploit Development Team has just announced BackTrack 4 Beta. BackTrack is a Linux based LiveCD intended for security testing and we’ve been watching the project since the very early days. They say this new beta is both stable and usable. They’ve moved towards behaving like an actual distribution: it’s based on Debian core, they use Ubuntu software, and they’re running their own BackTrack repositories for future updates. There are a lot of new features, but the one we’re most interested in is the built in Pico card support. You can use the FPGAs to generate rainbow tables and do lookups for things like WPA, GSM, and Bluetooth cracking. BackTrack ISO and VMWare images are available here.

101 thoughts on “BackTrack 4 Beta released

  1. Just wondering, but at the startup, instead of typing: startx Has anyone had success with using the: bt4-crystal option? I get a screen, but the “startbar” and top bar are just boxes, with nothing in them. Am I the only one having this problem?

    -just wondering. Haven’t tried a re installation.
    -using the .iso file. through qemu on a windows xp comp.

  2. d00d, have you tried clicking on the desktop? right click gets you a console, and left click gets you the menu for EVERYTHING. No one has any interest in figuring anything out….

  3. I am new, BT4 Final version istalled successfuly with VMware. But at prompt when I type root, message- root not installed. if need to install root, type: apt-get xxx xxxx. but when I try to install root, some error. so anyone have any idea how can I get root installation? my card is intel 5100 AGN, BT4 final in
    Also I cannot actiavate my network(wifi) card through /etc/de.d/networsts start…

    Thanks for reply

  4. been trying to run BT3 in live mode of the CD
    but I keep getting a split screen (three horizontal columns)Has anybody else had this problem? If so what’s the remedy?

  5. well, just download this wep-atack-1.9 program run under windows,

    go to tools -> parse wifi
    wait for 2 minutes,
    it will show the list of wep enabled wireless networks list,

    select which one you want to hack and click on GET KEY button,

    you should wait for 10 minutes, then it will popup a key.

    note : it is working for WEP encryption only, not for WAP

  6. It intstalls on the Dell 15 Studio series but the card is limited in its functions(no injection). You need a special Broadcom driver. Even got wpa_supplicant working on this Dell.

    Had to order a usb adapter card that can handle injection and work with all the tools BT4 has. I heard the ALFA AWUS036H works great. I’ll be testing it soon.

  7. Hey guys, i got problem key in password manually in backtrack 4. I typed, iwconfig wlan0 mode managed essid key

    Then it appear,

    Error for wireless request “Set Encode” (8B2A) :
    invalid argument “12 password key that i key in”.

    Any solution on how to solve this problem?

  8. Can anyone please help me out with connecting to the network with BT4??

    For example,

    root@bt:/# iwconfig wlan0 mode managed essid ALIEN key alienwifikeys

    Error for wireless request “Set Encode” (8B2A) :
    invalid argument “alienwifikeys”.

    Any solution could i get from any of you guys?


  9. hey im new to this and been using backtrack beta 4 on windows xp without internet connection. a belkin usb wireless anthena and i get no interface when i type airmon-ng.

    do i need conection in order to get the other users?

    what belkin versions work?

    sorry if sounds stupid but i am really new to all this… :S

  10. Hey, does anyone know if there is any way to install wifi device drivers on bt4? My wireless adapter is Atheros AR5B91. I’ve been Google-ing for a couple days now, and this seems to be a common problem for a lot of people. Still no solution yet though.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  11. Hey, i really need help to get this working..
    wel, BT seems to work great tho, but i cant get the wireless thingy (intel (r) wifi link 5100 agn) to work..

    Could any of you make a little guide for me( and the others with the same problem) ? i am very new to BT, so a noob friendly guide would be very helpful. Thanks!

  12. I´m using BT4 Beta VMware ISO in Vista Ultimate with ALFA awus036H. Lots of trouble to make it work. For example, to have VMware detect USB I had to upgrade from VMware Player to Workstation and then start VMware Arbitration Service, but after that it´s plug and play. So now it rocks!

  13. Hello .. Bt4 Team..and workers i tried too many wirelss net work with wpa ..and wpa2psk but it can not find the password ..and it tell difrent msgs about -w is not specifid etc… and some wep keys can not acept the succes attack so please make it easier for us that we can catch the keys thanks for the new version too but is is not too much good for wpa2 or psk wpa good working anyway ….waiting for fetur release with most best hacking and cracking commands …bye best regards ahmadsha baba

  14. For Ahmed: Cracking WPA requires a dictionary (and if the password is not a dictionary word you’re screwed), or some huge ass tables (they were like 40GB last time i looked). And it does take time (read: days and even weeks on an average laptop).

    Fortunately there’s still plenty of WEP (in)secured networks where i live.

  15. Hello Friends!
    I have read all the post on this page and must admit that I am impressed with your knowledge. I am new to the world of BT4. I have got a MacBook pro with intel core duo and would love to have BT4 up and running. Plesae point me in the right direction as to what else i will need to make it work VM wise and network card wise. Thanks

  16. I can confirm that the Broadcom 4312 REV 1 fully supports monitor mode & injection. After searching exhaustively for a solution, I had to upgrade my kernel to and use the FWCutter on the b43 driver, but it does work.

  17. I have a problem installing backtrack4, I’m not very used to this type of software. I can’t get past the user name login , the keyboard won’t type for the password. I redid it several times it’s always the same. I looked at my bios and it doesn’t seem like an obvious reason. Could you give me an answer to this it’s probably and easy one.

  18. I have downloaded it and made a live Cd (USB),during its installation on my hard drive,step 4 & 5 were missing but it installed.
    When i boot it up it shows
    bt4 login :
    Ive tried every probabilities but nothing worked on it.
    Could anyone please help !!!!!

  19. Could not open virtual machine: J:\bt4\BT4-Beta\BT4-Beta.vmx. This virtual machine appears to be in use.
    when in workstation i open bt4 this error come plz tell me how can i solve this

  20. I downloaded backtrack 4 and used magic iso to format it onto my usb and when i make it run off my usb it just goes to a blank screen with a little blinkin line on the top left corner, can anyone help?

  21. Hi all,

    I’m trying to install bt4 on my macbook but I,m having some trouble configuring the wireless card.
    Do you guys have any idea if the wireless card (of a macbook) works on bt4?


  22. hey i am using back track4 live cd. it works good but when i m trying to aircrack-ng it says phas not found.the thing is how to get dictionaries and how to add it ?

  23. I own an Imac and when i boot Back Track from a dvd, i lose control of my wireless mouse and keyboard and am unable to type in “startx” when it prompts me to. Any way around this than buying a usb wired keyboard?

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