WiFi And Bluetooth Tethering On Android


Many G1/ADP1 owners have been using the app Tetherbot to get internet access on their laptop via USB to the phone’s data connection. The app relied on the Android Debug Bridge to forward ports. It worked, but people wanted a solution better than a SOCKS proxy. The community figured out a way to create a properly NAT’d connection using iptables and then [moussam] rolled them up into easy to use applications. There’s one for setting up a PAN device on Bluetooth and another for adhoc WiFi networking. It requires you to have root on your phone, but hopefully you’ve achieved that and are already running the latest community firmware.

[photo: tnkgrl]

11 thoughts on “WiFi And Bluetooth Tethering On Android

  1. wow, it sure took you guys long enough to get this on here. I’ve been using the Adhoc tether app on my rooted G1 for abou 1.5-2 weeks now. its a nice little way to set up a quick lan in an office suite.

    anyhow, it is about time!

  2. and what about the reverse way?

    I want the network I have on my laptop to be available on my G1.

    There is a way like “accesspoints” but this makes my DHCP fixed.
    What about using bluetooth-device as proxy?

  3. I am little old lady. Have boost mobile working tethered to laptop fine. Got an acer android tablet cannot bluetooth or usb at all. Can anyone teach an old lady a new trick?

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