Arduino + Wii Nunchuck + Servos


[Yezzer] has posted a video of a cool little project he’s working on. He has interfaced the Arduino and the Wii Nunchuck to control some servos. He mounted a standard USB webcam on it for good measure. There isn’t a whole lot of information, but he does include a few links to code he modified for the project. The movement is quite natural looking and seems like it would be a cheap way to get some good animatronic controls started. This might actually be a great way to control a robot for the Crabfu challenge, if they ever have another one.

Update: As [dokument] points out in the comments below, it looks like we’ve seen a set up that could be almost identical in the past.

[via the Hack a Day Flickr pool]

12 thoughts on “Arduino + Wii Nunchuck + Servos

  1. I have that same bread board with a StickDuino on it with a almost similar project. Only difference is the nunchuck data is used to make MIDI and help me make music.
    C button = note 1
    Z button = note 2
    X axis determines what note 1 is
    y axis determines what note 2 is
    Z axis can be used to to define the modulation
    joy stick has different effects. chords based on note 1 and 2
    Lots of fun to use with Reason to make trance

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